Monday, August 6, 2012

Whats The Deal? I Had My Doubts About It...

They said they had a good deal for us; they said we would save money! 

Please!!  I had my doubts about it; they were going all out with Standard Chartered Plc; we spotted them plotting and scheming like G-8 and G-20! 

Gangsta like G-Money!! but Gangster Chronicles mentioned those rocking suits and ties instead of white tees and Converses or Vans! 

Whats up money? whats the deal? were dropping the funk plus these good word verses;  hoping one understands! 

As the mothership lands on earth; I can see these earthlings are going through it! 

Whats the deal? some blame it on Mercury retrograde..or even the Uranus Pluto they go there.. like Cheryl Lynn, some said its got to be real!!! so they said they're going to it!

 ....Some even asked;  Whatcha Know About  That / It? sounding like TI! 

They're being all they can be like the army; like Joe....the GI! 

Some cry a river like Justin Timberlake;  they're caught up the system / matrix! 

Let the healing process begin!! making amends with those who are real or even those that who fake it! 

Whats the deal?  O-Dizzle will break it..he takes beats and destroys them; then builds them..using them as a weapon in spiritual warfare! 

Whats the deal?  whats the dizzle? being built or torn down?  the devil has advocates..he deploys them; but O-Zone never yields to Staple Singers we take you there! 

Whats the deal?  were LA Laker Staple Center championship ringers....or running it like the Miami Heat! 

....Lebron and D Wade and them;  up in the project crap game I was fading stock brokers on Wall Street!

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