Friday, April 30, 2021

MASTERTAPES [Episode 10) Philly Special

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, that’s the kind of business that’ll get handled while we’re out here!

Also acknowledging that it’s a Fabulous Friday, please! it’s a blessing to be here!

Also acknowledging the chaos and confusion / toil and strife going on out here; we’re not in Mamby Pamby Land!

We’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta not far from the East Side where my constituents will cut up; somebody will understand..

...a brotha like this coming through dropping these MASTERTAPES [Episode 10) Philly Special

It’s courtesy of The Reflex, check out the playlist and the mix it’s going down from Philly to here in Atlanta, it’s real special!

1. Archie Bell & the Drells ‘Strategy’ [The Reflex Revision] 2. - Jean Carn ‘Give It Up’ [The Reflex Revision] SOUNDCLOUD ONLY = 3.Jean Terrell ‘Drummin’ A Beat’ [The Reflex Edit] 4. Dexter Wansel ‘Life On Mars’ [The Reflex Revision] 5. McFadden & Whitehead ‘Ain’t No Stopping’ Us Now’ [The Reflex Revision] 6. Linda Clifford ‘Repossessed’ [The Reflex Revision] 7. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes ‘Bad Luck’ [The Reflex Revision] 8. Lou Rawls ‘See You When I Get There’ [The Reflex Revision] 9. Billy Paul ‘Thank You (For This Blessing)’ [The Reflex Revision]


Thursday, April 29, 2021

It’s All Game : Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part One)

 Throwback Thursday type of science? back in the day the Old Schooler Abdullah up in Louisville / Newburg told me and the crew that it was all game!

Of course the old schooler Mr Cole dropped that word, he mentioned it was a rat race / dog eat dog world; he was from Louisville / Newburg, that’s where I learned the game!

Already hip to that Louisville Metro Police game, the Justice Department will let you know what’s going on after their investigation!

Shady Like Grady that’s the deal, not talking about Fred Sanford’s buddy even though it’s another Throwback Thursday situation!

Shady Like Grady? that’s the deal soon the apparatus will have us caught up in an unpleasant situation!

It’s all game, plus like GOP voter suppression jokers will keep changing the rules check the situation! 

It’s all game, Trump with his bamboozling / hoodwinking is changing a lot of fools in this nation!

It’s all game! per Throwback Thursday Aretha Franklin even mentioned a Chain Of Fools check the situation!

It’s all game but recognized that it’s a blessing to be here making this a Thankful Thursday!  we’re all up in the fluidity of living; floating!

Not the one to blame, O-Zone? an abundance of good is spread; not selfish, hoarding / bloating! It's all game when we drop this breakbeat science but outlanders in wet leather were voting against me? they saw I was hot like velvet fire! Plus jokers keep changing the rules, they awaken sleeping scars so my joy will expire!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

4-Hero / Planetaria (A Theme From A Dream)

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Check these menus, we were on that techno earlier now we have other work to do somebody will understand a brotha!

Nobody will work with you a naysayer was heard saying but we kept on playing / we kept on running!

O-Zone? I’m coming through with this good word while O-Zone had the funky drummer drumming!

It’s on! we’re coming through listening to this 4-Hero with a track called  Planetaria (A Theme From A Dream)

Check out the players and the track as we holla back with this soul jazz / drum and bass / broken beat; Afternoon Jazzing instead of spazzing due to the latest plot / scheme!


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Ten)

 It’s going down from from Elizabeth City North Carolina concerning Andrew Brown Jr  to the city where we can find ya!

I guess it’s the times we’re living in but like the Manfred Mann Earth Band the lights from the city can blind ya!

“Ain’t no love in the heart of the city” per Jay Z and Bobby Blue Bland so what’s up man?

I guess it’s the times we’re living in! it’s worldwide from India per the Covid 19 upsurge to up in Louisville where their police are under investigation!

How was I living? I left Louisville a years ago turning the key, the door said this is the future. Unlocking the door! in 2021 reflecting on past episodes / the score with the Scorpio Full Moon in the background, nocturnal. Rocking the score / soundtrack on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can either way; we'll let the music play!! we're using it as a vehicle sliding through the corridor like a projectile!

We're back with this, sliding through the portal, knowing how the sport will go / knowing the style!!

Some are knowing the style like Charles Oakley calling Julius Randle a "better version of Zion Williamson"

Both multi-dimensional power forwards when they handle their business! I guess it's the times we're living in!!

O-Zone? multi-dimensional as we move forward / as we handle this breakbeat scientific business!!

Zones? we'll penetrate them, those struggling? we'll relate to them due to the times we're living in / we all know what the deal is

Monday, April 26, 2021

Monstercat Instinct Vol. 6 (Album Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition!

Chilling out in the lab undergoing sonic rehab in an atmosphere that’s drab, this is how we’re living!

We’re peeping game, seeing how these crooks are living; they’ll make a power grab like the GOP in the south /west after Trump and his fellow crooks tampered with the 2020 Census!

Not sleeping in the game; you’ll get executed like Andrew Brown Jr in Elizabeth City NC, it’s senseless!

My constituents know what the deal is, we’ll fight back with this sound, catching up on our drum and bass listening to Monstercat Instinct Vol. 6 (Album Mix)

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do this on a Monday night following are intuition / instinct per getting breakbeat scientific!

🎹 Tracklist 0:00:00 inverness & Jack Newsome - I Remember 0:03:06 Half an Orange, Disero & Josh Bogert - Sit like a Flamingo 0:06:22 Bad Computer - Truth 0:09:07 Half an Orange & Nitro Fun - Arcade 0:12:24 CloudNone & Danyka Nadeau - Lights Out 0:15:27 Ellis & Pasha - Brand New Phone 0:18:54 inverness & William Bolton - Lost My Mind 0:21:36 Just A Gent & SMLE - Revival 0:24:32 Ellis & NOËP - Speak Français 0:28:06 Conro - The Small Things 0:31:02 Throttle - Heroes (ft. NICOLOSI) 0:35:02 Direct - Opal 0:38:29 Direct & CloudNone - Further 0:42:10 CloudNone & Drowsy - Miss Being Happy 0:45:21 SMLE - Found A Reason 0:48:14 Direct & Aether - Odyssey 0:51:05 Duumu - Breathe Again 0:55:00 Sabai - Broken Glass (ft. Merseh) 0:57:53 Duumu - Worst Part of Heaven (ft. Trove) 1:01:12 BEAUZ & Ghost - Half a Heart (ft. AmanderSings) 1:03:32 Julian Calor - By My Side 1:06:32 Bad Computer & Danyka Nadeau - Chasing Clouds 1:09:47 Rogue - Move Me 1:13:22 inverness & Amelia Moore - Toxic 1:17:16 Stephen Walking - Odin’s Ghost 1:20:02 Good Times Ahead & Tony Romera - Let Go 1:24:06 Vicetone - Animal (ft. Jordan Powers & Bekah Novi) 1:27:23 Ellis - Don’t Say Ur Sorry (ft. Maribelle) 1:30:39 Rome in Silver - Friends (ft. Chæ) 1:34:29 Conro - Therapy 1:37:29 Sabai & Kermode - Save You 1:39:59 Nonsens - Nobody Else (ft. Karra) 1:43:16 Rameses B - Thinking About You 1:46:24 Rameses B - Forever (ft. Zoe Moon) 1:50:16 Rogue - Fusion 1:53:50 Hoaprox - New World (ft. Rogue) 1:57:01 Dexter King & Aaron Richards - Heartless 1:59:57 Nonsens & Snavs - Golden 2:02:30 Pixel Terror - Chroma (ft. EMELINE) 2:05:16 Justin OH - For a Minute (ft. Jamie)


Sunday, April 25, 2021

I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Nine)

 Some are in need of a breakthrough on this Sunday morning; I guess it’s the times we’re living in! 

From here in the United States to India and all points in between Covid 19 is wreaking havoc as reality is unforgiving!

Some said we even forgot about Myanmar as the devil will raise the bar as we try to attain peace.

I guess it’s the times we’re living in; plus from Chicago to Minneapolis we still hear chants of no justice no peace!

What else can I tell ya; per Matthew 24.6 there were wars and rumors of wars, I guess Geneva Conventions weren't well attended!

They all moved to LA or Las Vegas; besides politicians / so called pundits and experts who'll fake us? probably these gamblers out for a fast buck,  up in the crowds they blended!

Down here in Atlanta;  homie said he was ahead in the game, said it was good;   but I saw he was kicked to the curb!

.....his honey left him, plus jackers robbed him for his product; and Dekalb County authorities were closing in; he got played like a buster or herb..

I guess it's the times we're living in, the scene? I observed, it was gruesome like spotting the sunken Indonesian submarine..

I guess it's the times we're living in, reality is unforgiving as I mentioned earlier; reflected in the DMX aka Earl Simmons home going service; what a scene!

I guess it's the times we're living in, but we'll make lemonade out of lemons surprising jokers like Julius Randle and the New York Knicks..

This is how it's going down, breakbeat scientific business is what we'll handle!! this is what a brotha kicks!!

Friday, April 23, 2021

I Guess it’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Eight)

 I’ll be the first one to tell you it’s rough out here! I guess it’s the times we’re living in!

On this Flashback Friday, I’m wondering has it always been this way?  soon realized this breakbeat scientific forensic team had already provided confirmation.. previous episodes / modes we tried to break it down for our constituents!

Rebuking those in devious modes that want to see us drunk / smoked out / spaced out in opioids / opiates and barbiturates!

On this Flashback Friday? it appears that the elicit runaway dream confronted reality!

Like the GOP vs The Democrats both wanted a level playing field but actually both were greedy! Revolutionaries mentioned a duopoly!! hopefully wisdom will prevail; bipartisanship / maybe a compromise? Like betting in Las Vegas odds against it are enormous but that's how the storm does / that’s no surprise!

I guess it's the times we're living in reality is unforgiving like India putting up US like numbers concerning Covid 19...

I guess it's the times we're living in reality is unforgiving; Daunte Wright funerals confirm it even though guilty charges confronted Derek Chauvin..

I guess it's the times we're living in, but plans are put in motion / adjustments will be made...

Good word dropping and beat blending are part of the scenario as we rebuke the ongoing charade..

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I Guess it’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Seven)

Innocent bystanders get caught up in another’s cosmic karma, I guess it’s the times we’re living in!

Highlander’s sacrifice Derek Chauvin per George Floyd’s  killing but they’ll proceed and continue with their shady dealing; I guess it’s the times we’re living in!

 The drama? Oh Yes we’re still dealing with it! please! it was even personal / bona fide..

..official: my people were memorialized, ashes in the ocean / Ashes to ashes dust to dust but ashes in the wind fall / slide. Blamed on gravity? somebody will understand me it’s like the seriousness of the situation! Cringe worthy? plus for all these blessings we’re unworthy? celebration done too soon? a grave situation!

We're on a binge early!! big beat dropping and good word dropping per this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Considered weird / strange naysayers mentioned nobody is checking for it, but it's a big world / universe somebody will understand a brotha!

Considered scared? naw!! these players will exercise supreme courage and maximum strength to match these times we're living in!

That's how a brotha is found in these hostile territories, but we'll continue to work this breakbeat scientific principle!!  "ain't that a shame"  naysayers were heard saying!! they also mentioned reality is unforgiving!!

Down here on the ground per Grant Green and Dianne Reeves? hood stories end the same as penthouse / mansion tales  per the cosmic karma, so what's good?

Check the sound from  Weldon Irvine with a track called Cosmic Vortex (Justice Divine); I guess the sport is complex, it's the times we're living in, so what's good? 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Monstercat Instinct Vol. 5 (Album Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, telling y'all that things can go either way!

Or emphasis has been to manifest the terrific outcome now check the celebration as we pull out the drum and let the music play! 

The O-Dog Day Party is now going down check out how we work it on this Tuesday afternoon but this breakbeat science dropped is appropriate for any time frame... we await the Derek Chauvin verdict  concerning George Floyd as jokers try to attack Biden and Maxine Waters during the proceedings but we’ve heard that tune, part of the ongoing mind games....

...being played, but this music is played as part of the rebuttal! we're responding with Monstercat Instinct Vol. 5 (Album Mix)

We’re still catching up on our pop music / electro / house music and drum and bass! check out the playlist and the mix!!

0:00:00 CloudNone & Direct - Margarita 0:03:35 Koven - YES 0:06:47 Tony Romera - Loverus 0:10:29 CloudNone - WISH 0:13:45 Ellis - Feel That Way 0:17:05 Half an Orange & WRLD - Scared 0:20:01 Conro - Without Your Love 0:23:00 Dexter King - Only You (ft. Alexis Donn) 0:26:10 Dexter King - Get To Know You (ft. Aviella) 0:29:10 Duumu & I See Colors - You Used To (ft. Luma) 0:32:32 Terry Zhong - Play It Cool (ft. Conro) 0:35:15 Terry Zhong - Night Cap (ft. Will Jay) 0:38:27 Glacier - Enough 0:42:07 Pixel Terror - Millenia 0:44:43 Glacier - Still 0:47:57 Glacier - Ubi 0:53:33 Direct & Essenger - Labyrinth 0:57:21 Bad Computer - Clarity 1:00:29 Nonsens & Sweater Beats - Trouble 1:03:16 Conro - Fighters 1:07:13 CloudNone & Laura Brehm - Changed 1:10:48 CloudNone - Urban Foxes 1:14:19 Aiobahn & Vin - Meant to Be 1:17:09 Vicetone - I Feel Human (ft. BullySongs) 1:20:05 Duumu & MYRNE - All For Nothing 1:24:21 Half an Orange - Mark Twain 1:26:53 Gareth Emery - Somebody (ft. Kovic) 1:30:18 Half an Orange & Ephixa - Time Travel Kool Aid 1:33:16 SLUMBERJACK & Daktyl - Crucified (ft. MOONZz) 1:36:22 Tails & Beach Season - No Sleep 1:38:57 DESERT STAR - Empty Sky 1:41:48 Protostar - Where I Belong (ft. Emma McGann) 1:46:01 Koven - Butterfly Effect 1:49:19 SLUMBERJACK & Cory Enemy - Black & Blue (ft. Mothica) 1:51:40 Just A Gent - Iris in the Dark (ft. McCall) 1:54:43 Koven - Give You Up 1:57:40 Terry Zhong - Home Alright 2:00:23 Direct & Park Avenue - I’ll Go 2:04:27 Direct - Nobody Like You 2:08:13 Sabai - Million Days (ft. Hoang & Claire Ridgely)


Monday, April 19, 2021

I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Six)

 The guns blast from Austin Texas to Indianapolis and all points in between; I guess it’s the times we’re living in!

O-Zone already told you the sport is complex but these don’t stop get it getters aren’t giving in!

On this Monday morning or whenever? we’ll keep it moving although we had to sacrifice plus I already told you “it ain’t nothing nice”

On this Monday morning or whenever? we’ll keep it moving although episodes keep proving to me that we’re overpaying the price!

Already mentioned the cost overruns seeing us come undone is the system's mission I guess it's the times we're living in!!

The drama from 2020 will revisit us live from Minneapolis and the Derek Chauvin trial  verdict concerning George Floyd, pay attention! 

Is it permissible for us to receive a blessing? excuse me for being thankful! I’m here beyond yesterday! But due to the times we're living in I'm staying on point, an optimistic pessimist? I mentioned it earlier / yesterday! Receptive! grateful / thankful for the blessings but due to the times we're living in I still felt anxiety! Deceptive? hateful smiles spotted from those rolling like Trump insurgents as they schemed / plotted my intuition is honest, not lying to me!

Check, check it!! As we tell these stories, most of all thanking the Lord for blessing us as these earthlings keep stressing us but we recognize the pattern; realizing that its all game!

As we tell these stories we hit you up with this funk and this good word,  a breakbeat scientific response from these veterans of the game....