Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dego - Greed and Power

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're listening to some future jazz / broken beat from Dego with a track called Greed and Power.  Check it out!!


Friday, December 29, 2017

George Clinton ft. Prince - Paradigm

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday; a dude will try to follow those principles..

Oh yes!! I'll follow that concept even though I'm futuristic, one step of the so called invincible

Priorities shift; I'm trying to make sense of it bro!! somebody told me all bets will be off per the Full Moon on New Years Day..

Priorities shift; we're still on a mission, we can't let up!! we'll drop this good word plus the music will play..

The Paradigm Shift will be dealt with!! what it do? even  George Clinton ft. Prince mentioned the  Paradigm

Dropping science on this Flashback Friday!! one genius meets another at the junction, dropping the funk son!! once again it's on!!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Saafir - Crawl Before You Ball

Digital Crate Digging Continues; looked at the calendar, noticed that it's Throwback Thursday..

Also noticed 2017 is coming to a close and the devil will still oppose!! you can't play!!

So don't play! scene / heard and did too much for my own good; I was too hood...

I don't pray? man please, that's the way I made it! might even answer that question; what's good?

That's The Way of The World by Ramsey Lewis will play in the background when I tell folk they need to  Crawl Before You Ball 

..Also word from  Saafir; not acting brand new with this!! it's that black sound, 90's hip hop from the Bay Area!! check it out y'all...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT. 10

Here we go again, with another Humpday Extravaganza!!  check out this by-product from laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts..

Here we go again!! who'll  understand a brotha? will they check my conduct like a Trump Dossier? thought and fashion police investigate but I'm not playing around with the corrupt when bringing these Sonic Assaults!

So what's up?  beats will thump plus we're dropping breakbeat scientific messages,  blatant and subliminal. 

After laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts we're dropping this meal straight from soul's kitchen!! it's full of vitamins and minerals.

You'll have to excuse me; due to Newburg /  Louisville upbringings I was enlightened by criminals / scholars and preachers.

 You'll have to excuse me, I didn't merge with the apparatus though they sent dollars like it was a Trump Infrastructure Agenda;  those that did now beseech us. 

 ...After dealing with a corrupt agenda they try to reach us;  Lord help was the battle cry! 

Seasons / reasons change;  the Winter Solstice was a reality checkpoint?  why ask why? 

Reasons I started another one? it's preventing me from coming undone!! per this Humpday Extravaganza? that's why it's going down like this!!

Treasons were started in the heart of it;  what?  hostile territories!! some move on like James Harrison joining the Patriots! we're out here where the hate is!!  with these stories I continue to fight this. 

Who started it? after laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts we're using a hot style to tell these stories;  per this Humpday Extravaganza the light is shining like a security guard weaponized. 

Who started it? after laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts we realized things have been this way for a while! (crazy) ..word to those with curiosity trying to act surprised.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler - Winter's Blessing

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, it can go either way!!

The saga / struggle continues!! jokers will say it's strange, all I'll say is let the music play!! 

Seasons / Reasons Change, as  fall soon comes to an end and per Bill Walton schooling Kyrie Irving  the Winter Solstice took place..

Treasons changed some, per the holiday season they mention reconciliation; I still see some swerving, I don't know where their soul is,  so I told those crooks to stay out of my face.. 

Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler mention Winter's Blessing;  Claim them!! 

Check out the track / Let's Go!! it's on!! check into the game again!!


Monday, December 25, 2017

Blaze - I Think Of You (Restless Soul Inspiration Information Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday, plus Christmas Day is drawing to a close..

The saga / struggle continues!! let the music play, weaponized because the devil will oppose..

We fight back with the sound and this prose!! weaponized to help us get over the hump..

We fight back, we rose to the occasion! some are surprised as the beats will thump..

O-Zone was once stumped by the proceedings but fertile soil he's seeding by dropping this good word!! listening to Blaze with I Think Of You (Restless Soul Inspiration Information Remix)

This track is featuring  Amira  plus other all star players, check them out and the track! Monday Motivation provided when we get breakbeat scientific...

Bass – Level Neville

Vocals, Featuring – Amira

Flute – Nathan Haines

Keyboards – Kaidi Tatham, Nikki Yeoh

Percussion – Chris Franck

Remix – Restless Soul

90´s Hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop | Vol.6.

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday in conjunction with Christmas Day; Seasons Greetings to you and yours..

It's a Sunday Jazz vibe but excuse me son while I spaz on the tribe; Seasons / Reasons? I'll have mine and you'll have yours!!

You'll have to check the scores for the latest treasons, but for freedom? we'll continue to ride..

Some are looking at front doors like Main Source while I holla "shut the front door"  as I see good and evil collide!!

Check out how I ride, of course somewhere along the line your dude will hip hop it; listening to 90´s Hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop | Vol.6. courtesy of San Francischool1989.

Check out how I ride!! damn!! 2017 is almost over but somebody will say your dude is still stuck in the 90's again, but it's on once again!! check out the playlist and the mix as I go for mine...

1. A Tribe Called Quest - The Chase Part II.

2. AZ Feat. SWV - Hey AZ. 

3. Big L - Flamboyant. 

4. Tragedy Khadafi - Calm down feat Nas & Noreaga. 

5. AZ - The come up Ft DJ Premier. 

6. NO I.D - Sky´s the limit. 

7. The Roots - What they do.

8. Pete Rock Feat. Loose ends - Take your time. 

9. A Tribe Called Quest - 4 moms. 

10. Lost Boyz - Renee 

11. Common Feat. Elijah Blake - Real. 

12. Lord Finesse - Hip 2 da game. 

13. Big Pun - How We Roll '98. 

14. The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La.

15. Group Home - Suspended in the time. 

16. Afu-ra Feat Ki-many - Equality. 

17. Krs One - Music for the 90s kid (capri remix)feat. G.S.

18. Masta Ace Feat. Apocalypse - Da grind.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cedar Walton - Latin America

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're listening to some Soul Jazz / Latin Jazz from Cedar Walton with a track called Latin America. Check out the players and the track!!

  • Arranged By, ConductorCedar Walton
  • BassTony Dumas
  • DrumsAl Foster, Buddy Williams
  • Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic], Piano [Ebe]Cedar Walton
  • FluteEmanuel Boyd 
  • PercussionRay Mantilla , Rubens Bassini 
  • ProducerCedar Walton, George Butler
  • Tenor SaxophoneBob Berg 
  • TromboneSteve Turre 
  • Friday, December 22, 2017

    Wah Wah Watson - Together (Whatever)

    Digital Crate Digging Continues per  this  Flashback Friday / Friday Night Fever conjunction..

    The saga / struggle continues as we play through the glitch in the matrix / malfunction..

    Astrologers blame it on Mercury Retrograde, today it stations then moves direct...

    Wannabe psychologists caste blame; these retro-futuristic moves? shade was thrown but we move on to the next.. 

    We're rocking this!! listening to guitarist  Wah Wah Watson with a track called  Together (Whatever) 

    He's rocking this!! check out the players and the track as we move on to whatever!!

  • BassLouis Johnson
  • Clavinet [Hohner D6]John Barnes
  • DrumsOllie Brown
  • GuitarRay Parker, Jr.
  • Guitar, Synthesizer [Maestro Universal Synthesizer System], Talkbox [Voice Bag], Electronics [Echoplex, Maestro Sample And Hold Unit], Effects [Boomerang Wah Wah], VocalsWah Wah Watson
  • PianoClarence McDonald, Joe Sample
  • Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Synthesizer [Arp 2600]Sonny Burke 
  • VocalsThe Waters Family   
  • Tenor Saxophone [Solo] – Ernie Watts     
  • Thursday, December 21, 2017

    Monstercat - Best of 2017 (Album Mix) [2 Hours of Electronic Music]

    Digital Crate Digging Continues on what some call Throwback Thursday..

    The saga / struggle continues!! excuse a dude for still being hungry / thirsty..

    Who'll work with me? seasons / reasons change due to the Winter Solstice..

    Who'll work with me? tools / tricks of the trade? music!! jazz / funk / hip hop and soul is..

    Who'll work with me? how I roll is a problem, getting futuristic on this Throwback Thursday..

    Listening to some electro per this Monstercat - Best of 2017 (Album Mix) [2 Hours of Electronic Music] check the playlist and the mix to see how the work will be..

    00:00:00 Gammer - THE DROP 

    00:03:50 Rogue, Stonebank & Slips & Slurs - Unity 

    00:06:43 Delta Heavy x Dirty Audio - Stay (feat. Holly)

    00:10:06 Kayzo & Slander - Holy (feat. Micah Martin)

    00:13:36 Dion Timmer - Till I Make It (feat. Tima Dee)

    00:17:01 Slips & Slurs - Moving Hectic (feat. Harry Shotta)

    00:20:25 Pegboard Nerds - Heaven Let Us Down (feat. Koda)

    00:26:04 Muzzy - Spectrum

    00:30:14 Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK)

    00:34:03 WRLD - Everything (feat. Ashdown)

    00:38:16 Bishu - Eyes Wide Open

    00:41:00 MYRNE - Confessions (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

    00:45:10 Unlike Pluto - Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor)

    00:48:46 Grant - Are We Still Young (feat. Jessi Mason)

    00:51:58 Puppet & Foria - Bigger Picture

    00:55:19 KUURO - Possession

    00:58:27 Aero Chord - Resistance

    01:01:10 Tokyo Machine - SPOOKY

    01:04:44 Infected Mushroom - Spitfire

    01:11:50 Ephixa & Laura Brehm - Losing You

    01:16:06 Bad Computer - New Dawn

    01:20:55 Notaker & Declan James - Who I Am (feat. Karra)

    01:25:32 DUUMU - Illuminate

    01:29:13 DROELOE - Jump (feat. Nevve)

    01:32:36 Conro - Close

    01:36:34 Anevo - Waiting On Your Call (feat. Park Avenue)

    01:39:57 Tristam - Bone Dry

    01:44:21 Darren Styles - Us Against the World

    01:48:15 Stonebank - Ripped To Pieces (feat. EMEL) 

    01:52:24 Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King - Sight Of Your Soul

    Wednesday, December 20, 2017

    Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.9

    What it do? it's another HumpDay Extravaganza!!  I started off by laying in the cut. 

    Trying to get over the hump like Trump and his approval rating!   collecting scattered thoughts,  I'm not playing around with the corrupt. 

    So what's up?  some are still hating as the GOP will gloat about passing the tax reform bill : who knows,  it might help somebody.

    ... Besides the rich and corporations some say the poor will have to abort operations!  we'll see, we might have to help somebody! 

    We'll see; some will celebrate like Kool and The Gang!! somebody scream was heard from the DJ at the party! he said make some noise! 

    Due to the hate?  somebody help us, they beseech!!  they say it's not that kind of party! they'll  lose their poise! 

    Laying in the cut, collecting scattered thoughts!! the saga / struggle continues,  I'm just trying to do my due diligence. 

    Did the train of thought run off the rails like Amtrak out in Washington? the saga / struggle continues as some weren't checking for me, they say it's due to the borderline belligerence.

    Per this sonic assault?  we're admitting that it's "way way out there"  past the borderline, but making a difference is the mission. 

    Per the sonic assault? admitting that it's way way out there and I stay way way out there like some of these suburbs in the Atlanta metro area!!  I keep on pushing like an Impression. 

    ...Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler and them!! I told you about the corrupt, I'm not playing around with them!!

    Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? Laying in the cut, collecting scattered thoughts!! plus dropping the sound on them...

    Sunday, December 17, 2017

    East Bay Rhythm -- Mud Rat

    Sunday Jazz Continues, but digital crate digging will be a major factor..

    Always looking for the obscure, making sure the funk is pure!! it's real, no faking not an actor..

    A few years ago a dude was on tour West Coasting!! from Las Vegas to the Bay Area..

    From Vegas to Oakland; San Francisco!! from Richmond to San Jose so what's good? how will we play?  check the scenario!!

    Back to Oakland from the Tower of Power? Squib Cakes was the last episode!! now we're checking out East Bay Rhythm with a track called Mud Rat

    Check out the players and the track!! some of them rolled with Herbie Hancock's Headhunters; so you know the rhythm is funky; it's all that!!

    James Levi (drums)

    Paul Jackson  (bass)

    Bill Summers (percussion) 

    Jorge Santana (guitar) Brother of Carlos Santana.

     Freddie Washington  (bass)

    Butch Haynes.  (Percussion)   


    Saturday, December 16, 2017

    Tower Of Power ‎– Squib Cakes

    Digital Crate Digging Continues per what I like to call Saturday Night Fever!! We're listening to some jazz funk from  Tower Of Power ‎ with a track called Squib Cakes!!

    This is from their  Back To Oakland album released in 1990! Bay Area stand up!!  Check out the players and the track...

    Baritone Saxophone, English Horn, Backing VocalsStephen Kupka
  • BassFrancis Rocco Prestia
  • CongasBrent Byars
  • DrumsDavid Garibaldi
  • Guitar, Backing VocalsBruce Conte
  • Lead VocalsLenny Williams
  • Organ, Pedalboard [Bass Pedals], Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Clavinet, Backing VocalsChester Thompson 
  • Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bass Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo Flute, Alto FluteLenny Pickett
  • Tenor Saxophone, Backing VocalsEmilio Castillo
  • Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Bells [Orchestral], Backing VocalsGreg Adams
  • Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Backing VocalsMic Gillette

    Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.8

    We're laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts,  but also digital crate digging continues on this Saturday morning;   but also the saga / struggle. 

    Like Trump vs Chicago some will holla at me, 'buking and scorning while others are in the amen corner like an old deacon,  waiting on this word from a brotha. 

    Beats thump, whatcha know? we're jazz hopping / good word dropping!! helping others who were on some "other other" ; they're  waiting in the dark,  misled

    Peace was disturbed,  plus ignorance was bliss!! damn!!  the machine was jammed up after documents were mis-fed. 

    My appetite was curbed due to the false hopes of  GOP Tax Reform Bill type of circumstances;   so now we'll take chances we get the machine set. 

    Insights are dropped along with the funk!!   we're working it all out placing a bet. 

    Working it all out, blue collar style check the file; at the moment we take a break from the action laying in the cut / collecting scattered thoughts...

    Working it all out, blue collar style check the file; were we chilling in attack zones? responding with sonic assaults!!

    Threats received like dealing with North Korea, check the scenario!  the negative vibe is spreading like the Thomas Fire out in California..

    Threats received?  check the scenario! we were warned that it never rains in Southern California...

    Word from Tony! Toni! Tone! ;  also from O-Zone realizing that it's on me!! I'm trying to warn ya like a Last Jedi, a dude didn't lie!! 

    Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts; once again it's on!! listening to Jedi Mind Tricks  doing the knowledge!! we can't lie!!

    Friday, December 15, 2017

    Sam Divine & Cassimm - 'What God Has Chosen'

    Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday; might as well say it's the weekend baby!!

    Flashback Friday / New Music Friday? it can go either way; let the music play! don't? that argument is a weak one baby!!

    I know; it's not all gravy baby, it's rough out here!! maybe this good music can uplift us...

    I know; it's not all gravy baby, it's rough out here!! please!! these priorities will shift us!!

    Check out what the gift was / is; Sam Divine and Cassimm  mention 'What God Has Chosen'

    Check out the track y'all; it's divine!! I tell you what, it's guaranteed to get you open!!

    Thursday, December 14, 2017

    Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.7

    Digital crate digging continues on this Throwback Thursday,  but excuse me while I take a moment to wax poetic. 

    What it do?  the saga / struggle continues!! a dude is still hungry / thirsty!! damn!!  life is hectic!  

    What it do?  the train of thought?  I wrecked it!!  now like Omarosa escorted from the White House authorities are on the scene.

    Robin Roberts even weighed in, meanwhile this dude is not playing; scattered thoughts are collected while laying in the cut dealing with the thought and fashion police observing the scene. 

    Rocking out / housing them!! now I'm ready to roll / I'm on my way!!  what's done / seen or heard is processed. 

    Everybody won't get it / everybody ain't able; they're not impressed.

    Everybody stressed because net neutrality regulations were revoked? 

    Everybody blessed when acting neutral realizing God is in control? diplomatic immunity invoked? 

    I dipped back to the community, out here on the East Side of the Atlanta metro area, out on Panola Road at the QT I joked around with the true players..

    Some slipped back to the community after riding high horses like Russell Simmons and Tavis Smiley; supposed to be true players? 

    Roy Moore types ride off into the sunset on horses saying they won't quit and won't stop!! meanwhile Dekalb County authorities dipped through the community issuing court summons!! 

    Check the score, we're not done yet!! of course O-Zone is laying in the cut collecting these scattered thoughts while O-Dog kept funky drumming..

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    The Beatnuts ft Greg Nice - Yo Yo Yo

    Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; what's the perspective positive or negative?

    Well, while you decide you'll have to excuse me while I have another old school hip hop moment. 

    Checking out the Beatnuts ft Greg Nice - with yo yo yo..check it out y'all ...yo! yo! yo!

    Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.6

    It's going down, like I always say!!  I was laying in the cut,  as scattered thoughts are collected. 

    It's going down!! unlike  Trump supporting Roy Moore we're  not playing around with the corrupt when these breakbeat scientific principles are perfected.

    We're trying to even the score; internal properties are inspected by code enforcement making sure the street code is not violated.

    Like the New England Patriots against the Miami Dolphins the game was not properly played by some! the sport is complex!   modes or styles disintegrated.

    Laying in the cut collecting these scattered thoughts;  the blame was not accepted!!  some waited in the dark while this dude kept it moving. 

    A hiatus was taken periodically;  we're laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts, but soon we were showing and proving.

    We kept it moving; Damn! here we go again!!  it's on!! we even had to step outside for another edition of those Outback Chronicles. 

    We had to clean up the property after snow hit Atlanta over the weekend; unlike a fool trying to hit up the NYC Port Authority;  who's claiming responsibility for these and those?  

    If your God's Property per Kirk Franklin? you know the devil will oppose!!  sometimes using religion as a weapon. 

    Putting down the game properly!! beats and this good word we compose in the ongoing spiritual warfare;  it's a weapon. 

    Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts; reflecting while outback stepping over broken branches, out there sweeping and raking leaves.

    Minding and tending,  practicing stewardship over property the Lord blessed me with while Trump fronted at the Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi;  a fake one deceives. 

    Monday, December 11, 2017

    Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Freedom Jazz Dance

    Sunday Jazz, err excuse me Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We're in a Sunday Jazz mode, still listening to this jazz funk / jazz rock from Brian Auger's Oblivion Express with a track called Freedom Jazz Dance!!

    Sunday, December 10, 2017

    Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Truth

    Sunday Jazz Continues! We're listening to some classic jazz funk / jazz rock from  Brian Auger's Oblivion Express with a track called Truth!! 

    Everybody has a version of the truth,  but that's another story!! I'll explore that concept later. In the meantime and between time check out the players and the track...

    Saturday, December 9, 2017

    Jacky Terrasson - Mixed Feelings (The New Groove)

    Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we're putting this down on a Saturday morning in Atlanta..

    Some spots in the metro area have up to ten inches of snow!! none over here on the Eastside so I'm not mad, 'buking and scorning!! somebody might understand a brotha!!

    Schemes and plots are peeped by a brotha but not living in a glass house throwing stones like Donald Trump calling US politics a sick / rigged system..

    My team plots on an exit strategy or escape route, trying to get out!! caught up in the matrix / system!!

    How were we living?  some say it's all love but they nixed those feelings;  Jacky Terrasson mentioned Mixed Feelings (The New Groove)

    Check out the players and the track, even  The Gift Of Gab showed a knack for that; what? dropping science!! check the groove!

    Acoustic Bass – Ugonna Okegwo

    Drums – Leon Parker

    Engineer – Brian Pugsley

    Flute – Katisse Buckingham

    Guitar – Louis Russell 

    Piano – Jacky Terrasson

    Producer – The Angel

    Scratches – Mix Master Dee

    Vocals – The Gift Of Gab

    Written-By – Jacky Terrasson, Angel C.

    Friday, December 8, 2017

    Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.5

    Interrupting regular scheduled programming while laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts;  Flashback Friday business? we're off on another tangent.

    Acting irregular? it wasn't all love I wasn't slow jamming,  I was jamming!!  whether I did or didn't somebody damned it.

    So what it do? some are understanding, I might have mentioned that notion concerning no justice and no peace.

    No diplomatic immunity?  plus no justice obstruction per Donald Trump even when they tried to collaborate with Wikileaks?   man please!

    We couldn't be at ease!!  even the ode to Flashback Friday Richard Dimples Fields mentions if it ain't one thing it's another!

    We couldn't be at ease!!  even per the ode to Flashback Friday no Strawberry Fields forever per the Beatles!!  not for this brotha!

    ..Especially if a dude is on some "other other"; no LSD flashbacks the flow was a natural occurrence ..

    No LSD flashbacks per rolling down Ventura Highway listening to Ventura Highway by that group America as the Thomas Fire burns in Ventura County; it's not a natural occurrence ..

    Of course you can expect a disturbance over in Jerusalem after Trump's decision; shadetree mechanics lack precision..

    Who'll work with this? this Salem Bible Church good word is dropped and beats thump! but we're accused of shady dealing...

    This by-product from laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts won't work for everybody, per the old sister "they ain't able"

    My conduct includes praying for the corrupt; Lord Help was the battle cry after realizing "everybody ain't stable"

    Thursday, December 7, 2017

    Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, Mos Def, Common, Pharoahe Monch, Posdnuos & More. -"One Four Love Pt. 1

    Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday!! We're listening to Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, Mos Def, Common, Pharoahe Monch, Posdnuos & More. with a track called "One Four Love Pt. 1.

    This is from the 2000 EP: "Hip Hop For Respect" (Rawkus Records). Other artists on this track were Sporty Thievz and  Shabam Shaddeq.

     Hip Hop for Respect was a 2000 project which released one EP for Rawkus Records. It was organized by Mos Def and Talib Kweli to speak out against police brutality in general, and the case of Amadou Diallo in particular. 

    2017? not a damn thing has changed, from one episode to the next!! Check this out!!

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017

    Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.4

    Chilling out / laying in the cut / collecting scattered thoughts; my mind playing tricks on me like the Geto Boys? 

    Not out here playing around with the corrupt,  flossing with ghetto toys. 

    Not rolling with ghetto ploys;  (plots and schemes) damn!!  the hoodies on sale at Stonecrest and South Dekalb Malls mentioned the trap life. 

    Please!! O-Zone is not out there with those boys, on another level? I'm already trapped in the toil and strife.

    I mentioned the knife held by the O'Jays Backstabber;  little homie didn't know anything about that. 

    I mentioned the toil / strife per Bone Thugs and Harmony first of the month living!! little homie didn't know anything about that. 

    They paid attention to other things,  not what The Brotha O-Zone brings!! no drugs for sale with a cartel / army like El Chapo!!  they didn't know anything about that. 

    They paid attention to other things, like the GOP Roy Moore rationalization!! they need to go on with that!!

    We paid attention while laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts; we'll  continue to go on with that,  taking the old sister's advice.

    We weren't pimping like John Conyers even though it's going down from East Point / College Park to Conyers!! we continue to go on with that,  dealing with the toil and strife. 

    We weren't pimping like Trump's dealings with Russia we already felt the pressure in these hostile territories..

    We're laying in the cut,  collecting scattered thoughts soon launching sonic assaults on those snitching / telling authorities...

    Monday, December 4, 2017

    Force M.D.'S - Are You Really Real?

    Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We're listening to some hip hop soul / new jack swing from  The Force M.D.'S with a track called  Are You Really Real? Check it out / Let's Go!!

    Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.3

    What it do? what it is? scattered thoughts are collected like after the holiday season debt!

    What it do? what it is? battered egos taught us the best lessons,  we won't forget! 

    Battered Negroes /  black brothers and sisters suffer  per slavery in Libya? please!! there's no Kool and The Gang celebrations,  little homie even asked about a backup plan. 

    Plus it wasn't cool!! battered  wannabe heroes in the spot were booby trapped like IED's and  roadside bombs planted in Iraq and Afghanistan! 

    What's up man? check the travel ban!!  now they want to say Somalia / Yemen and even Niger are terrorist strongholds. 

    The African Command or AFRICOM will get foul with ya!!  did the CIA or China help get rid of Mugabe?  you know they play in those kind of modes.

    What's up man? let the music play per the modes these breakbeat scientific operatives get into, it can be digital crate digging or Sunday Jazz.

    Motherlodes of intergalactic funk were downloaded from the mothership;  aliens were cooperative!! they didn't spaz. 

    Acting casual as a Trump on Twitter type fanatic uploaded a so called new and improved episode of next level dramatics..

    From the DOJ to FBI to Roy Moore check the score!! we're acting like we knew!! beats will thump plus we dropped these next level mathematics.

    Acting erratic? some will blame it on the Super Full Moon in Gemini..

    Scattered thoughts are collected while laying in the cut; that way I'll tell no lie..

    Sunday, December 3, 2017

    Jestofunk - If You've Got It, You'll Get It

    Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're checking out some more  jazz funk from Jestofunk with If You've Got It, You'll Get It. Fred Wesley adds flavor on the trombone. Check out the players and the track... 

    Friday, December 1, 2017

    Beat Therapy 20 - A Trip Hop Mix

    Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; some might even call it New Music Friday...

    I'm somewhere in between on this December 1st; per Dilated Peoples? when worst comes to worst my people come first; that's how this dude will play...

    Per Flashback Friday? I remember the time per Michael Jackson, now I'm chilling out taking a break from the action!! collecting scattered thoughts..

    Reality will dismember your body parts starting with minds and hearts!! we fight back with sonic assaults..

    Tripping out!! listening to Beat Therapy 20 - A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

    Tripping out!! check the playlist and the mix!!  enhancing this Friday Feeling while undergoing beat therapy!! trip hop? a cousin of  jazzhop and hip hop!! word to those confused or misinformed about the culture!!


    0:00 - HashFinger - A1.December.11

    03:04 - Klitbeats - Stay

    04:52 - L'Eau Dans l'Jazz - Alvéole 17 - Sans Regret (by Clem Beat'z)

    05:29 - Somehowart - Don't Ever Change

    07:45 - Jon Kennedy - Do As You Did 

    08:46 - Coldcut - Autumn Leaves 

    11:30 - Auditive Escape - Exchange

    13:19 - Cmy - Frozen Memories

    14:52 - Bonobo - D Song

    16:34 - Savages - Pitch-in

    17:37 - Stereo MC's - What is Soul (Instrumental)

    21:48 - Hedfunk - Summer Evening

    23:02 - Gasoline - The Hardest

    26:17 - Lovage - Koala's Lament

    28:31 - Moderator - Old Portrait 

    30:05 -Bonobo - Magicman

    30:46 - Gasoline - 48 Heures 

    32:58 - Lemon Jelly - Cold Fusion (Muggsy Mix)

    38:05 - Membran - Gyuwa

    38:46 - The Dining Rooms - Cosi Ti Amo

    40:44 - Jazz Liberatorz - Blue Avenue

    43:05 - Dynamic Syncopation - Veteran's Leg

    44:57 - Groove Armada - My Friend

    46:40 -Talpas - Meet The Future Face To Face 

    48:32 - Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Crackback

    50:49 -RJD2 - The Horror

    54:08 -Neotropic - Under Violent Objects

    56:10 - DJ Wally - Yes It's True

    58:17 - J. Baracuz - Silenced

    1:00:45 - Bridgealantee - Hyperspace

    1:02:23 - Poetree - Harlem 

    1:04:08 - Thes One - The Baron (Theme)

    1:06:38 - Climaco Sarmiento - La pata y el pato (Mekkas edit)

    1:09:12 - Cool Breeze - Acoustic Blues

    1:10:02 - Katalyst - Out of this World