Thursday, December 14, 2017

Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.7

Digital crate digging continues on this Throwback Thursday,  but excuse me while I take a moment to wax poetic. 

What it do?  the saga / struggle continues!! a dude is still hungry / thirsty!! damn!!  life is hectic!  

What it do?  the train of thought?  I wrecked it!!  now like Omarosa escorted from the White House authorities are on the scene.

Robin Roberts even weighed in, meanwhile this dude is not playing; scattered thoughts are collected while laying in the cut dealing with the thought and fashion police observing the scene. 

Rocking out / housing them!! now I'm ready to roll / I'm on my way!!  what's done / seen or heard is processed. 

Everybody won't get it / everybody ain't able; they're not impressed.

Everybody stressed because net neutrality regulations were revoked? 

Everybody blessed when acting neutral realizing God is in control? diplomatic immunity invoked? 

I dipped back to the community, out here on the East Side of the Atlanta metro area, out on Panola Road at the QT I joked around with the true players..

Some slipped back to the community after riding high horses like Russell Simmons and Tavis Smiley; supposed to be true players? 

Roy Moore types ride off into the sunset on horses saying they won't quit and won't stop!! meanwhile Dekalb County authorities dipped through the community issuing court summons!! 

Check the score, we're not done yet!! of course O-Zone is laying in the cut collecting these scattered thoughts while O-Dog kept funky drumming..

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