Sunday, December 17, 2017

East Bay Rhythm -- Mud Rat

Sunday Jazz Continues, but digital crate digging will be a major factor..

Always looking for the obscure, making sure the funk is pure!! it's real, no faking not an actor..

A few years ago a dude was on tour West Coasting!! from Las Vegas to the Bay Area..

From Vegas to Oakland; San Francisco!! from Richmond to San Jose so what's good? how will we play?  check the scenario!!

Back to Oakland from the Tower of Power? Squib Cakes was the last episode!! now we're checking out East Bay Rhythm with a track called Mud Rat

Check out the players and the track!! some of them rolled with Herbie Hancock's Headhunters; so you know the rhythm is funky; it's all that!!

James Levi (drums)

Paul Jackson  (bass)

Bill Summers (percussion) 

Jorge Santana (guitar) Brother of Carlos Santana.

 Freddie Washington  (bass)

Butch Haynes.  (Percussion)   


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