Monday, December 4, 2017

Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.3

What it do? what it is? scattered thoughts are collected like after the holiday season debt!

What it do? what it is? battered egos taught us the best lessons,  we won't forget! 

Battered Negroes /  black brothers and sisters suffer  per slavery in Libya? please!! there's no Kool and The Gang celebrations,  little homie even asked about a backup plan. 

Plus it wasn't cool!! battered  wannabe heroes in the spot were booby trapped like IED's and  roadside bombs planted in Iraq and Afghanistan! 

What's up man? check the travel ban!!  now they want to say Somalia / Yemen and even Niger are terrorist strongholds. 

The African Command or AFRICOM will get foul with ya!!  did the CIA or China help get rid of Mugabe?  you know they play in those kind of modes.

What's up man? let the music play per the modes these breakbeat scientific operatives get into, it can be digital crate digging or Sunday Jazz.

Motherlodes of intergalactic funk were downloaded from the mothership;  aliens were cooperative!! they didn't spaz. 

Acting casual as a Trump on Twitter type fanatic uploaded a so called new and improved episode of next level dramatics..

From the DOJ to FBI to Roy Moore check the score!! we're acting like we knew!! beats will thump plus we dropped these next level mathematics.

Acting erratic? some will blame it on the Super Full Moon in Gemini..

Scattered thoughts are collected while laying in the cut; that way I'll tell no lie..

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