Saturday, December 16, 2017

Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.8

We're laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts,  but also digital crate digging continues on this Saturday morning;   but also the saga / struggle. 

Like Trump vs Chicago some will holla at me, 'buking and scorning while others are in the amen corner like an old deacon,  waiting on this word from a brotha. 

Beats thump, whatcha know? we're jazz hopping / good word dropping!! helping others who were on some "other other" ; they're  waiting in the dark,  misled

Peace was disturbed,  plus ignorance was bliss!! damn!!  the machine was jammed up after documents were mis-fed. 

My appetite was curbed due to the false hopes of  GOP Tax Reform Bill type of circumstances;   so now we'll take chances we get the machine set. 

Insights are dropped along with the funk!!   we're working it all out placing a bet. 

Working it all out, blue collar style check the file; at the moment we take a break from the action laying in the cut / collecting scattered thoughts...

Working it all out, blue collar style check the file; were we chilling in attack zones? responding with sonic assaults!!

Threats received like dealing with North Korea, check the scenario!  the negative vibe is spreading like the Thomas Fire out in California..

Threats received?  check the scenario! we were warned that it never rains in Southern California...

Word from Tony! Toni! Tone! ;  also from O-Zone realizing that it's on me!! I'm trying to warn ya like a Last Jedi, a dude didn't lie!! 

Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts; once again it's on!! listening to Jedi Mind Tricks  doing the knowledge!! we can't lie!!

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