Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Movie Trailer

....summer madness continues...ok....I have to admit I'm a movie trailer fanatic...check this one out..


Time is precious to me!! its more precious than money; as the New York Stock Exchange shows us..because money comes and goes!

...Time is spent doing the knowledge; then the science is applied like Hadron a bruh goes for what he knows!

.....society is hating on these freedom we played ourselves like Usain Bolt.. admitting time was wasted on ventures that were not profitable!

We were living for the city like Stevie were intergalactic..good mileage gotten on the mothership; .peeping game; seeing what a profit will do!  

Corporations get foul with it..they're trying to take us under...they hide the profit offshore while the masses suffer!

Resources and rations are low; time is running out for some.. others are on some other other!

This brotha recognized that time was precious; I recognized the pattern!

So called powers that be were mad deceptive!! from Johannesburg to Louisville / Newburg; .... from the ATL to Pluto, Mars and Saturn!

Healing battle scars; just got off the Battlestar Galactica..trying to holla atcha... reality is bruising and battering us!!! so called powers that be told us Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark! 

...But were through dealing with those that waste our time!! we left some waiting in the dark! 

Vehicles were waiting in park and neutral while we kept it moving; we ignored the Rolling Stones! 

Time is not on our side...were sliding through the portal..we didn't waste time; were rolling through these danger zones!

Danger was introduced by clones...they rolled in with the storm...word from Hurricane Irene...some were fooled...some jokers were fresh and clean....

Word from OutKast..ATLiens....or maybe even Cool like The Time..Morris Day and Jerome and them..when they came on the scene...

What time is it? time for a bruh to flee the scene like a crime was perpetrated...

What time is it? time to proceed and continue...checking the clock...knowing how late it can get...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Showbiz & A.G. – God Force (prod. Showbiz) | cut from these veterans in the game courtesy of 2dopeboyz

Showbiz & A.G. – God Force (prod. Showbiz) | 2dopeboyz

Usain Bolt cruises through 100m heats in Daegu South Korea

....Usain Bolt is back to his old tricks...winning his heat in today's 100 m in the world championships in Korea...advancing to Sunday's semi-finals...

Bolt cruises through 100m heats in Daegu -

I Wasn't Feeling It PT.2......I Had Company...

I wasn't feeling it...but I see the storm approaches...up in the spot? I noticed morale was low..they weren't feeling it either!!  and I can say I don't blame them!

...Knew what they were dealing with; systematic procedures that weighed heavy on them; the apparatus will game on them!

....put the blame on them when charging it to the game would have been the maneuver!

Shame on you they told me!! they see I took old dude's advice...."doing what behooves ya"

Listening to the Isley Brothers groove with you...meanwhile The brotha O-Dizzle grooves with with ya; while O-Zone gets scientific!

You know the system plays us like Paul Azinger vs Pres. knocks the hustle; but we deal with it!

...Being real with it; Warren Buffett co-signs with Bank of America...but you know the banks have everybody in indentured servitude!

..Being real with it  because a bruh is not feeling they say I'm being rude!

...Considered arrogant and aloof but trying to be shrewd in my business decisions!

But trying to be humble...being cunning and clever will get you in trouble; soon making mind blowing decisions! 

Like Heatwave mentioned ; trying to get my mind right!! paid attention even though I was broke!

But I wasn't feeling it just like some of the others; the system tried to play us like this is a joke!

As we go for broke...going all out....misery loves company? no...I don't think so....I'm shaking the doldrums off and moving forward....

...Wasn't feeling it but dealing with it...a bruh is exercising power like a forward... 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Wasn't Feeling It

I wasnt feeling it!!  plus the mood was still enhanced from August 12/13  by the full moon!

Whats the deal? not up on the Titanic..refusing to ride shotgun with a fool on a mission of doom!

The style? intergalactic..just got back from Pluto...usually in the lab with the boom bip bap or playing around with the good word!

Whose acting frantic?...they see Hurricane Irene approaching...but I'm chilling..similar to the dread over in the hood found with the good herb!

Life is hectic though; similar to Somalis who fled?  now found in refugee camps in Kenya ; or Libyan rebels who advanced on Tripoli!

Going postal like postal workers pushing the envelope and stamps; haters try to trip on me!

Troops try to dip on me when safe havens and safe harbors are invaded; I'm on my own like Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle!

....A bruh is transmitting live...funky loops and the good word is what you get from me; did they feel me like Debarge Time Will Reveal?
Some of my peeps know the deal; from Louisville where its way too real; to down here in the ATL.

...From Syria on over to Islamabad where Osama Bin Laden fell!

So whats the deal? Al Qaeda promises 100 attacks;  I keep it moving making tracks but GPS tracks..I still felt a weird energy floating around!

So whats the deal? I found a portal to slide through...slipping through the cracks..I wasn't feeling it; so played like a weird entity; didn't co sign on whats going down!

Rare Earth....Losing You

summer madness continues.....digging in the crates....many probably didn't know Motown had this rock band...check out Rare Earth flipping the old Temptations song "I'm losing you".....found this gem on vinyl...but it was messed up..with scratches and I found this on You's a rock / funk/ jazz type of sounds like some of these cats played on some of the Temptations / Marvin Gaye , Miracles cuts..check it out!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Going Down PT.4

In the midst of the chaos and confusion similar to Tripoli... its still going down!

Summer madness is in full affect when I wrote this; why are they trying to trip on me?  the Brotha O is still throwing down! 

The funky drummer is back with this; plus mathematical and scientific analysis accompanied him!

Not up in a Hummer; not crashing like Russian spacecraft..the hooptie is dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..just left the West End Mall; O-Zone gets free and stays free y'all!! the corporation or company is not running him!

Truth be told? I can see how they play y'all..corporations take profits offshore and park them; then they ask for a tax holiday!

Truth be told? the middle class had to abort operations; rations and resources are low; so whatcha know? please!! ....soon things will jump off like Billy the Kid and Doc Holiday!

Truth be told? so how did some play? please!! a bruh heard the guns blast !!  it was wild wild west style!! that's  per James West or Kool Moe Dee;  so what's the deally?  Cowboys and Aliens is the 2.0 version!

How did some play? wild with this like in London or Philly; meanwhile in Atlanta the so called illegal alien dipped down Buford Highway in the tricked out Honda; he was swerving!

How did some play? altered Black and Milds or Philly Blunts influenced how some were observing the scene!

Full of cognac!! dipped in the latest KWY Fashions; representing Atlanta like OutKast; so fresh and so clean!

Observing the scene; O-Zone can see an orderly fashion was not being conducted! 

Danger zone residents get gaffled by the thought or fashion police; accused of being corrupted!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Madness Continues...It's On and Popping PT.2

Its on and popping!! like the rebels jacking Gaddafi's we proceed and continue to do business!

It's on and popping...we're beat breaking; hip Funkadelic we're cosmic slopping;  that's what the deal is!

Wasn't quitting wasn't stopping; it's not over like it is for Gaddafi...we've come to far to turn back now!

Rolling into uncharted territory...whose with us? you have to be courageous; if not? you better turn back now!

The train of thought is rolling all up in hostile territories; rebuking hostile takeovers.. turn back now if your not ready to fight!

Summer madness continues...its on and popping!! but funk is dropped by O-Dizzle while O-Zone provides the insight!

The mothership stays in flight; but now it's actually stranded on earth..but check this Captain Kirk style; focused!! but they say I'm arrogant and aloof!

A brotha gets scientific like Hadron Colliders but haters say that's a damn lie when I speak my truth!

Lord Help us all is the battle cry!!  as I provide proof that God is in the blessing business!

But summer madness continues..its on and popping!! the trunk in the hooptie will rattle from the brand new funk straight from Pluto; a weapon used against those stressing..trying to find out what the deal is!

Trying to find out what the real is; guessing when questions answer themselves!

Ministers were cursing and blessing them; telling them to go on with their bad selves!

Sinister ones  had their cases dropped like Strauss-Kahn...they were down with Simon Barsinisterand them; they were caught up!

Its on and popping!! we administer these doses to one..Doctor O has the medicine; that's whats up!

It's on and popping...even in the midst of summer we try to stop the madness..

It's on and popping...transmitting live  from a remote outpost..we came back with this!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thievery Corporation.....Culture Of Fear

...summer music from some of my favorites..Thievery Corporation...Culture Of Fear  featuring Mr. an upcoming project..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

War .......Slipping Into Darkness

Summer madness continues...whose slipping into darkness? check this jam by War....I like the beginning when they sound like church deacons at the devotion....then the beat drops!! check this out..

Back Down To Earth...The Mothership Has Landed (Reloaded ; Revisited)

......I can see lights blink on the instrument panel; damn!! they indicate that I'm stuck!

Summer Madness is in full's going down here on earth; what's it all worth? we're dealing with these gamblers out for a fast buck!

Jacking the gas prices up..then dipped in a fast truck after the treasury was hit up; others were left holding the bag! 

...they Slipped into darkness like that group War; waiting for answers? some couldn't turn on their swag!

As we park this mothership on earth; knowledge was gained after Plutonian Intergalactic journeys!

....a brotha gets scientific realizing life is hectic; fanatics were stressed out!! soon up at Grady stretched out on gurneys!

....In the ATL or University Hospital in Louisville; whats the deally? any lessons learned?  basically that the devil is unsympathetic!

Stars fell down to earth like it was the Perseid Meteor Shower..the full moon blocked it? now I'm at the service desk returning bogus merchandise; it wasn't authentic!

It was synthetic!! made from nylon or fiber...they tried to fool this freedom rider!

Earthlings were up to no good; trying to trip like Philly's Mayor on black parents...the city was hit up by flash mobs..I duck the IED's that a hater lobs...they  didn't know I was scientific like the Hadron Collider!

They're dealing with an intergalactic rider; I was on the Trip like Bobbi Humphrey! 

A fanatic tried to hide the truth from a bruh; but I found it so now they're done with me!

That's cool...the good word and the funk will be the response to the ongoing Summer Madness...

As we come back down to earth....The Mothership has we put it down like this!!


THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!.....STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Up In The Chaos and Confusion PT.2

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!.....STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Up In The Chaos and Confusion PT.2

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Check This Math We Bring

Once again its on!! as we put it down like this...check the math we bring!

Breakbeat science is in full affect but still keeping it hood similar to the neighborhood cartel gathering! 

Word from Jadakiss with Raekwon and Ghostface....I spotted Caddie Escalades and GMC Denalis roll up to the spot;  proceeds and product are divided!

But these are different escapades; more of a social scientific nature but with the same human nature like Michael Jackson or even the Miles Davis version..but it's when good and evil collided!

Mentioned Hadron Colliders where atoms are smashed and dark matter is analyzed!

Studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..whose hating on these 2.0 version of the Freedom Riders? Rick Perry and other jokers try to front...the saga struggle continues..I'm not surprised!

But plots and schemes are devised to get free and stay free; leaving our dark history I connected with kindred spirits!

But plots and schemes were devised by wannabe witches and warlocks; casting spells and conjuring up evil

Even a jury of my so called peers will issue demerits from the so called Hall of Justice in Louisville to the Dekalb County Courthouse in Decatur!

Whats the deal with it? no justice no peace is the catch phrase;  like Larry Graham they'll get you sooner or later!

....Sitting up eating grape Now Laters after smoking grapes West Coast style!

Peace to the Bay Area; in the East, Midwest, and dirty even Libya and other spots worldwide...we deal with mass hysteria; the situation is foul!

Summer madness continues; full moon in affect I soak up Leo sun rays; its hotter than July per Stevie Wonder ...I guess because its August!

All up in the spot where Reason Gave Way To Madness I told haters to miss me with the nonsense; they lost us!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Hostile Takeover Mix PT.1

....summer madness continues...haters roll up attempting the hostile takeover....but it gets repelled..check this mix out...

The Hostile Takeover Mix PT.1

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Madness Continues....It's On and Popping

Summer madness continues..its on and popping!! like it is in London... I've even learned to expect the unexpected!

God is in the blessing business..I'm even blessed and highly favored!!but in Babylon I'm disrespected!

Haters were the news media is doing at one point  I disconnected from the mainframe...but errors are corrected; now I maintain!

...Or at least I try to; but the weather is inclement...sometimes I'm caught up...caught out in the reign!

The reign began with a drizzle; so what's the dizzle?  now haters try a hostile takeover!

The loss and gain is calculated; now O-Dizzle did his need for a hot style makeover!

So whats the dizzle?  the break is over!! lets get it on..its time to get down!

That's word from the Soul Train themesong as we float through the stream of consciousness; its going down!

The train of thought is rolling down the track; will  it derail ..rolling off the rails?

.....Will it fall off like the Dow Jones Industrial Average..who has leverage? Joy and pain sunshine and rain; word from Frankie Beverly and Maze ....its on and popping; a bruh sometimes passes and sometime fails!

Questions answer themselves....who drunk the beverage...the elixir? they said it's so amazing like their mind sails into the galaxy...

Some were waiting for answers...when it was already on and popping..others try to develop plans that'll have me quiting and stopping..trying to get foul with me..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Train Of Thought Mix

.....caught up..but we were able to get free and stay the train of thought is rolling...they couldn't stop me from achieving..

The Train Of Thought Mix

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They Were Going Through It PT.4

They were going through they had us coming and going ; plus some were under a time constraint!

Whats the deal ? we  proceed and continue..we play it like Waka Flocka Flame; going hard in the paint!

Maybe like Dwight Howard;  but had to fight a coward..teaching them a lesson with the blackjack!

Lighting things up for those waiting in the dark; O-Zone has that good word in his knapsack!

Plus I told them the Snapback is back Tyga & Chris Brown.. just like Tupac; word from Meek Mill and Rick Ross and them!

Plus I told them about the negative feedback they'll get from those bossing them!

What's up with them? whose holding them down? they were going through it..needing to give the drank and weed back; it had minds twisted!

Reading the signs like I was on I-65  rolling towards Louisville..things have gotten way too real....they had us coming and going...dealing with a jive turkey that didn't want to work with the streets were calling even though my numbers unlisted!

Drama is revisited like a family member at Grady Hospital in Atlanta..that's actually where the drama will land ya...or up in University Hospital in the Ville...

What's the deal with it?.....they were going through it....R.I.P Bubba Smith..we need somebody like that on our that's the real deal..

What's the deal with it?..we're going through it...haters disrespecting the President ..letting us know not a damn thing has changed..

Others are going through it....I see them but wouldn't want to be them..they were blaming it on Mercury being retrograde...I'll let them holla back after things have changed...

Monday, August 1, 2011

What's The Prognosis Mix?

.....Summer Madness continue...Doctor O is back....analyzing the information...What's The Prognosis? ...check the mix out..

What's The Prognosis Mix?