Sunday, August 28, 2011


Time is precious to me!! its more precious than money; as the New York Stock Exchange shows us..because money comes and goes!

...Time is spent doing the knowledge; then the science is applied like Hadron a bruh goes for what he knows!

.....society is hating on these freedom we played ourselves like Usain Bolt.. admitting time was wasted on ventures that were not profitable!

We were living for the city like Stevie were intergalactic..good mileage gotten on the mothership; .peeping game; seeing what a profit will do!  

Corporations get foul with it..they're trying to take us under...they hide the profit offshore while the masses suffer!

Resources and rations are low; time is running out for some.. others are on some other other!

This brotha recognized that time was precious; I recognized the pattern!

So called powers that be were mad deceptive!! from Johannesburg to Louisville / Newburg; .... from the ATL to Pluto, Mars and Saturn!

Healing battle scars; just got off the Battlestar Galactica..trying to holla atcha... reality is bruising and battering us!!! so called powers that be told us Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark! 

...But were through dealing with those that waste our time!! we left some waiting in the dark! 

Vehicles were waiting in park and neutral while we kept it moving; we ignored the Rolling Stones! 

Time is not on our side...were sliding through the portal..we didn't waste time; were rolling through these danger zones!

Danger was introduced by clones...they rolled in with the storm...word from Hurricane Irene...some were fooled...some jokers were fresh and clean....

Word from OutKast..ATLiens....or maybe even Cool like The Time..Morris Day and Jerome and them..when they came on the scene...

What time is it? time for a bruh to flee the scene like a crime was perpetrated...

What time is it? time to proceed and continue...checking the clock...knowing how late it can get...

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