Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Madness Continues....It's On and Popping

Summer madness continues..its on and popping!! like it is in London... I've even learned to expect the unexpected!

God is in the blessing business..I'm even blessed and highly favored!!but in Babylon I'm disrespected!

Haters were the news media is doing at one point  I disconnected from the mainframe...but errors are corrected; now I maintain!

...Or at least I try to; but the weather is inclement...sometimes I'm caught up...caught out in the reign!

The reign began with a drizzle; so what's the dizzle?  now haters try a hostile takeover!

The loss and gain is calculated; now O-Dizzle did his need for a hot style makeover!

So whats the dizzle?  the break is over!! lets get it on..its time to get down!

That's word from the Soul Train themesong as we float through the stream of consciousness; its going down!

The train of thought is rolling down the track; will  it derail ..rolling off the rails?

.....Will it fall off like the Dow Jones Industrial Average..who has leverage? Joy and pain sunshine and rain; word from Frankie Beverly and Maze ....its on and popping; a bruh sometimes passes and sometime fails!

Questions answer themselves....who drunk the beverage...the elixir? they said it's so amazing like their mind sails into the galaxy...

Some were waiting for answers...when it was already on and popping..others try to develop plans that'll have me quiting and stopping..trying to get foul with me..

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