Monday, August 22, 2011

Acting Real Special...

Systematic procedures were established; they say NATO took too long in everybodys trying to get their teams together!

NFL Preseason games going down as I write this; some are waiting for Madden Terrelle Pryor is drafted by the Oakland Raiders..fanatics will even beseech ya; wanting you to join special teams or special forces...everything seems like its together!

But they tried to front on a brotha!! they tried to give a brotha a bad credit rating like Standard and Poors did the United States!

Just because the Brotha Obama is running things? society still running games..class war between the rich and poor; whose acting real special? you know society still hates!

Whose bringing the drama?....what's the deal?? whose running mates in the old school LA Lakers...Magic Johnson..Norm scores while the other one dishes!

Whose bringing the drama? acting real special... like the youth in London and other parts of England; pessimistic vs optimistic in regard to hopes, dreams and wishes!

Snitches were sleeping with the fish; life is hectic..who can bear witness?

....In the amen corner?  or just a heckler in the crowd jacked by Michael Beasley; didn't be easy; weren't knowing what the deal is

Whose acting real special? rolling like the Dougherty Gang...acting as real as it gets?  that's the deally?

What's the deal with ya? caught up in the ongoing summer madness?  trying to stop the madness...God will bless ya in the midst of it all ...some can feel me!

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