Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.6

It's going down, like I always say!!  I was laying in the cut,  as scattered thoughts are collected. 

It's going down!! unlike  Trump supporting Roy Moore we're  not playing around with the corrupt when these breakbeat scientific principles are perfected.

We're trying to even the score; internal properties are inspected by code enforcement making sure the street code is not violated.

Like the New England Patriots against the Miami Dolphins the game was not properly played by some! the sport is complex!   modes or styles disintegrated.

Laying in the cut collecting these scattered thoughts;  the blame was not accepted!!  some waited in the dark while this dude kept it moving. 

A hiatus was taken periodically;  we're laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts, but soon we were showing and proving.

We kept it moving; Damn! here we go again!!  it's on!! we even had to step outside for another edition of those Outback Chronicles. 

We had to clean up the property after snow hit Atlanta over the weekend; unlike a fool trying to hit up the NYC Port Authority;  who's claiming responsibility for these and those?  

If your God's Property per Kirk Franklin? you know the devil will oppose!!  sometimes using religion as a weapon. 

Putting down the game properly!! beats and this good word we compose in the ongoing spiritual warfare;  it's a weapon. 

Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts; reflecting while outback stepping over broken branches, out there sweeping and raking leaves.

Minding and tending,  practicing stewardship over property the Lord blessed me with while Trump fronted at the Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi;  a fake one deceives. 

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