Monday, August 27, 2012

All Up In The Spot; Whose Here With Me?

We're all up in the spot...whose here with me? damn!! I was surprised to see some of the residents! 

The plan was hot!!  big homie said we can all get paid per the scheme or plot; a GOP convention delegate? now like dude in North Carolina that shot the deputies...I had to tell him there's no benevolence! 

The devil is busy in this place!! running wild...I could see victims at the players ball! 

The staff meeting was like peace talks in Columbia with FARC; but I was late..the hooptie broke down...catching MARTA or TARC..I'm still greeting folk...but letting the hustlers hustle and players play ball! 

Check this math we bring.....more reliable than a Chevy Volt; please!! whose waiting in the dark? check this breakbeat scientific business that's going down....the system will play y'all....that's the main point I try to get across! 

Check this math we bring;  no Quran sins were forgiven per Jesus on the cross! 

Whose still burning the cross?  like Ku Klux Klan back in the day ...on top of Stone Mountain!

 Religious services, Confederate memorials, and even soul festivals are now held there; what predicament were you found in? 

Yellow caution tape surrounded the structure....all up in the spot; being built or torn down? 

Debatable or destroy mentioned by Evidence... Where You From?

All up in the dances to the drum...but due to circumstantial evidence others morale was low! 

Distracted by the ongoing Total Chaos; who will take a loss?  like Hurricane Isaac the winds get heavy... all up in the spot...that's how it go!

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