Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Thoughts / Mission Statement

Thoughts are collected like debt by bill collectors; check out these Random Thoughts! 

This is the mission statement...unlike Apple vs Samsung patent infringements.. O-Zone is outside the box...on the fringe with O-Dizzle collected obscure beat, cuts, and samples; so he could launch Sonic Assaults! 

This is the mission statement...truth or reality as we know it taught us to stay on point! 

Truth be told?  society is not checking for me and my people unless were blasting off rounds at the Empire State Building...were not the ones they'll anoint!

But they're usually disrespecting....check how the empire strikes back....domain awareness systems are up and haters are appointing us to positions where we can take the blame! 

.....wanting us to be the fall guys; but I was wise to the set up ....realizing that its all game! 

It can go either the GOP convention future inductees in the hall of fame bump heads with hall of shame candidates! 

Politicians, media pundits, and spinmeisters are the new type gangsters...but they claim their being candid about it! 

Like American diplomats fired on in Mexico..random acts of violence is the usual response; the people are tired of the deliberate falsehood!

From James Holmes out in Aurora to homie in Decatur Georgia doing the drive by in the Olds Aurora; whose acting false in the hood? 

Its all good said the shadetree mechanic!! now the vehicle breaks down! 

So whats good? a shady fanatic wasn't like Mr Goodwrench or Goodyear..more like a politician or media pundit when they break it down! 

2012 hasn't been a good'll take you down..word from the Mayans?

Check out these Random Thoughts that are expressed...check this mission statement....this is no funny business like the Wayans!

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