Friday, February 17, 2023

Dipping Through : Seeing Whats Up / What It Do (Part Eight)

It’s business as usual on this Fabulous Friday, you can spot us out here dipping through! 

Plus it’s not unusual to exhibit a Flashback Friday type of vibe based on what’s up / what it do! 

Acting like we knew on this rainy morning in Atlanta, parades get rained on and during the charade some get preyed upon! the cold-hearted were trying to enslave us! 

The reign began with a drizzle now facets of the plan fizzle! some are hoping Superman will walk in the door / love will walk in this hellhole to save us! 

While dipping through I see some of the pain was self inflicted now we’re out here in troubled / freezing waters almost drowning! 

Damn! it seems we’re dipping through like we’re in East Palestine Ohio will we have to breathe the wretched / polluted cold air to keep living? 

Per Flashback Friday? like Michael McDonald we keep forgetting we’re not in love anymore like West Bank in Palestine type of drama! 

As we “holla back” we respond to it all in a breakbeat scientific manner, it’s all love as we respond to all the drama! 

This a rebuttal to the treason in any season as we move from Aquarius to Pisces season! but check the Flashback Friday vibe as spring is soon here but we’re inspired by those melodies of summers past.  

Visions play out of dipping through Broadway and Muhammad Ali Boulevard up in Louisville up in the hooptie! the music was medicine, we’re in a zone when sounds blast.  

We’re retro futuristic with it, we soon left the past, but now the floodgate to the present and maybe even the future opens.  

We’re dipping through playing it like our fellow Louisville legend Muhammad Ali, bobbing and weaving the wild waters motions / emotions.  

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