Thursday, February 9, 2023

Dipping Through : Seeing What's Up / What It Do (Part Four)

 Showing gratitude on this Thankful Thursday, catch us dipping through! It’s a blessing to be here! 

Check the attitude, influenced by Throwback Thursday episodes, had to admit we were caught out there! 

Check the attitude when you’re dipping through; negativity? it’ll crawl all up inside your mind.  

As it transitions from daylight to dusk’s melody it soon clashes with evenings heartless rhapsody! 

Before transmissions or conversations or before they’re collected scattered thoughts will turn upside down! 

Soon transgressions or consecrations occur as we breathe backwards, this is not the norm / how it’s supposed to be! 

Check the public transportation  /  transformation that occurs as we’re spotted dipping through! 

Like I told the homie at Stonecrest Mall over off of I-20 in the Atlanta metro area  you have to be proactive so I dipped before I got traded like Russell Westbrook I acted like I knew! 

Demands made like Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving before I started dipping through / swerving? please! those hot copper wire opinions will get you in trouble 

…every time; a calloused soul healed? even Sade was asking is it a crime! actually it's time to let the healing process begin or the stress will double.  

Every time; reality will remind you of that island of lost souls that has a spot reserved for you! 

Blessed and possessed when dipping through? probably both, out here doing the most / doing what served you! 

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