Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trying Not To Get Caught Up

Whats really going on? I'm trying not to get caught will you end up? like Republican candidates scrambling for votes in South'll be caught out there! 

Whats really going on? so called powers that be would neither confirm nor deny..sounding like the Iran Revolutionary I'm like...why go there? 

Who did you know out there anyway? is Bain Capital holding your money?...word from Mitt Romney..what will the response be? we found out some were rolling with the other team! 

I was trying to chill...laying in the cut..but interrupted by the Onslaught..I spotted another as they plot and scheme! 

Whats the deal? its real!!! its not a's serious...its not like Shaq vs Dwight Howard...whats the deal with these players? 

Spotted some at the rookie / free agent combine; trying to get put on!! now they're saying prayers! 

Spotted the coaches....please!! its like  the blind led the blind; hmm!! naysayers might have a point! 

Who rotted due to confinement? didn't receive the assignment..they weren't the ones society will anoint! 

Questions answer themselves....we peep game like the Air Force's X-37B spacecraft during the ongoing chaos or confusion!

Rolling up with force..please!! were all up in the space with this or blue pill for the matrix?  the oracle said its just an illusion!

The mind blowing decision was made like Heatwave....trying not to get caught up with those that fake it like Newt Gingrich... saying or doing anything just to get power...

How are you living? as we all misbehave...its easy to get caught up..we'll all be caught out the last hour...

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