Saturday, January 14, 2012

Natural Elements

Check us this cold day in Atlanta?..its all natural when we "holla atcha" with this! 

Check us out...rolling up listening to Earth Wind and Fire ....the natural elements!

Whats it all worth? damn...the devil will get all up in the details; I mentioned matrix glitches earlier! 

Theres a lot that needs to be done..word from MLK on this holiday weekend!!...but nobody will work with ya! 

Whats it worth to ya? France and Italy find out after Standard & Poors debt downgrades...during these ongoing charades some of us will have to go the extra mile! 

Will there be a rebirth for ya? everything comes to a halt... like the cruise ship that run aground off of the coast of Italy...whats the deally? some will need to let go..or have an extra style! 

Multi-dimensional..flexible..what will you pretend to do? whose caught up..caught out we bring the next school..the next style; based on natural elements! 

...Winds of change were whispering in my ear...its a new year; lets see how 2012 gets! 

History repeats itself like over in Basra...whats up with ya? one forgets so they need to stay on point! 

Check his story O-Zone brings this good word; but I'm not the one they'll anoint! 

O-Dizzle will rock this funky joint!!! hes all natural with it!

Whats the dizzle?  a fanatic will call this organic when I holla atcha with this!

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