Monday, January 30, 2012

...At The End Of The Day

Whats the deal? like Romney or Gingrich...some will find out at the end of the day! 

....Finding out whats real..what will the response glitches in the matrix?...caught up..caught out there like were in Damascus.. realizing its on us to run the play! 

Can't Runaway like the Roy Ayers joint!! there's no where to run or hide! 

The mothership rolls down the runway...just landed on earth..whats it all worth? now I'm on I-85 in Atlanta stuck behind the Pontiac Bonneville Brougham; dude even had the gangsta lean going!! I can see how he will slide! 

Trying to slide like Slave..trying to misbehave? this brotha is no slave..this freedom rider is swerving!! based on observing the scene! 

....Scientific like Large Hadron Colliders!! plus intergalactic...all out there near Pluto and Mars..came back with battle ATLien; but I'm not so fresh and so clean clean!

....Like OutKast and them!! but realizing its on me..whats it going to be? ..the situations like Peyton Manning's..but I'm outlasting those that didn't have the stamina! the end of the day? I'm realizing that its on me; but I'm not trying to get caught up in the drama!

...Like pythons in the Florida Everglades..hip to the charades..realizing its on me..a brotha is gonna work it out like Willie Hutch!

What it do at?  the end of the day they'll see I came through in the clutch!

At the end of the day? player playas light up the cut up Dutch Masters altered with contraband...

At the end of the day they thought they accomplished something...but it was nothing..coaches were heard saying..c'mon man!!

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