Friday, January 13, 2012

Back From The Hiatus ; Caught In A Moment Of Time...

Chilling for a minute..caught in a moment of time; so I hit the reset button! 

Whats up with it? its a critical stage of development!! just like European debt downgrades;  is it retribution for a punishment glutton? 

Now I'm back up in this thing!! rolling at a high velocity..with the speed you need....but not dipping down the Long Island Expressway aka Heroin Highway; that's not how I play...things got ugly..I had to take a brief hiatus! 

Now I'm back up in this thing!! like Jeff Fisher with the Rams..but whether we do or don't someone damns...I see society still hates us! 

....Heard Republican debates about us; the messages were blatant and  subliminal! 

...Plus corporations play us!! there was no where to run or hide; just check the high gas prices plus  the student loan and the real estate fiascoes..seeing how it goes!! so whose the real criminal? 

As we get with you; we proceed and continue..refusing to abort operations; we take it up another notch!

As we get with you..we proceed and continue..others were like GOP candidates in Virginia..they had to abort operations; the assignment? they'll botch! 

Were coming out fresh with a brand new batch; that's how were gonna play this! 

A bruh is funky fresh in the flesh!! based on doing the knowledge while I was in hiatus! 

Plus we prayed about this..receiving our blessing; Gods will is done on earth as it is in heaven! 

We played this like a crap game up in Victory Park up in Louisville back in the day; will we roll seven or eleven?


   Critical Stages Of Development Mix by omanxl1

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