Monday, January 16, 2012

...."Something Has To Give"

In search of a!!! it's like divers looking for survivors of the Costa Concordia sinking....something has to give! 

What did it cost ya? where did  Roy Ayers  type mystic voyages take you? that's what somebody asked a brotha!! I told them I've just got to live! 

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...who was victimized?...who fell prey? money was and is on Solyndra..somebody told me I have to forgive but I didn't forget! 

Whats up with me? I let it go...packages were returned to Scorpios roll like this!! like New York Giants  were just trying to win; not lose or forfeit! 

Whats up with me? I'm all up in the spot...but whats up with it? they said I wasn't compliant..the whole situation was wack! 

Something has to give!!! even though were surviving...we didn't quit like Jon Huntsman...whats up man? survival? we have the knack! 

Somebody was trying to live the jet set life!! but it was full of toil and the Russian Roscosmos  spacecraft they crashed and burned!

Plus the structure was rusted..materials from Steel City disintegrated!! plus the brotha Roscoe felt the bad karma from the cosmos..lessons were learned! 

Trivial pursuits corrupt ya!! natural like osmosis...the big picture vision shows theres still no pity!! still being hated? who earned favorable karmic repercussions?

A hater disputes the truth...but we're dedicated to it..but "something has to give" reality checks are now cashed!! plus we sound clashed with the enemy...weapons used? the good word and percussions...

Breakbeat science is dropped in these discussions! whats the word on the curb? no justice or peace is found in Babylon..even if you win a Golden Globe Award like Idris Elba...

What were we on? searching for a breakthrough "something has to give" we're just trying to live..found the message in the drums played by Idris Muhammad....what will they tell ya?

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