Sunday, January 29, 2012

They Were Telling Me....Please Be Advised..

They told me...please be advised... I was told to go along with the program..I was told must embrace the confusion! 

Please!! me surprised that they're going off like Occupy Oakland? haters were trying to get open...plots and schemes were devised for our demise; that assignment? haters were choosing!

Word from Newt Gingrich...whats the deal with it? please!! like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible...whats the Ghost Protocol?  they're trying to stop a intuition was working overtime!

It was telling me..please be advised!! whats up y'all? haters were dirty and grimy...working!! trying to get over on mine! 

But its not over for mine!!! even though sometimes we come up short like Tiger Woods..check out how were coming through! 

Once again its on!! even though things are tight in these hoods..the smoke and mirrors show is in full affect...similar to the smoke and fog causing accidents in Florida...but we bring this good word and funky sound through!

So whats up...whats the deal? please be advised was the order from so called powers that be...but check the status!

Its way too real for some of these players out here...they were put in check by the apparatus!

Its like Evans beating Davis in the UFC...whats the deally? check us out...were back with this!! how did we behave with this? check the vibe from this player that once cruised down Broadway in Louisville in the deuce and a quarter!

How did we behave with this? checked in with the tribe..but things got ugly in the Ville...from Southwick to Iroquois Homes..on out the ParkHill... so whats up Holmes?  its elementary like Watson..I had to dip across the border!

Let The Healing process begin...I'm down here in Georgia...but they're tripping!! they were telling me; please be advised...embrace the confusion...but I wasn't down with it!!..things are out of order...from Damascus in Syria... to the sinking off the Costa the Africa Union Summit in Ethiopia..

They were telling me...please be advised...but they'll leave you hanging...others will hang themselves..they'll give enough rope to ya...

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