Friday, January 20, 2012

Disrespected PT.2

Old school players were disrespected; now they're scrambling like Mitt Romney.. what will the response be? these new school students didn't understand the game! 

...Word from this next school player!! OMANXL1 the original man; an extraordinary one....for those that didn't understand the name! 

The hood is taking some under!! all up in the game...old dude was 77 years old still selling heroin...other old school cats in their 60s and 70s still smoking weed, drinking cognac and taking Viagra! 

Whats good? back in the day old dude was ready to blast on fools at the old hole in the wall club at Clay and Lampton up in the Smoketown area...whose to blame?  its all game!! meanwhile others ventures were corporate like Con Agra!

Disrespected!!! when some tried to put it down they laugh at ya...said you were like Rick Perry...they said your wasting your time! 

Disrespected!!! when we try to put this math on's real...this is no Pretty Ricky type of mess...but haters say its like the old school  Negro College fund commercials; a waste of your mind! 

Dots are you get a taste of mine!! as this breakbeat science is dropped! 

Similar to old school ballers!!  still up in the game...they didn't quit and didn't stop until they dropped! 

True to the game!! they never flopped like Vlade Divac ; they played strong defense! 

Whose brand new in the game? word from Vlad TV...who disrespected the veteran? but didn't know the circumstance!

At one time the veteran was running things like Vladimir Putin... meanwhile we're back..the truth we're not disputing...were dedicated to it...

Quantum computer style..but disrespected by the foul...just like old dude was..were still we go through it...

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