Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Up In The Spot....Once Again....Back At The Scene Of The Crime...

Were chilling in the ATL...we're back at the scene of the crime; were all up in the spot! 

Dealing with the madness...some are ready to abandon ship like the captain of the cruise ship that sunk in Italy..whats the deally? its a cold morning in Atlanta...but the vibe is hot!

What were you told? like the Republican primary...or maybe unlike it...the saga struggle continues; it seems were at a stalemate! 

What were you  told? some are all up in the game...said they're rolling like Tom Brady not Tim Tebow!!  while others tailgate! 

Systems weren't really fail safe!! European debt downgrades let us know that..whatcha know about that? now we have glitches in the matrix! 

...Charades are strategies were unraveling ...crashing and burning like that Russian space probe...approaching hell or heavens gate? as some still hate...we were sold out by snitches that faked it!

All up in the spot!! we span the globe brain storming...we come back with these at a high velocity; time traveling; 2012 is here! 

Left some behind in 2011...R.I.P to Tammy, Rodney, and Gavin and all others; chilling in heaven as we go there! 

I had to tell New Orleans Saints fans life isn't fair!!! that's baby girls line..sometimes I agree with her! 

That's how it is all up in the spot....we were hip to the scheme and gets extremely loud and incredibly we go there!

Who do you know out there? all up in the spot..back at the scene of the crime..

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies...these random thoughts move to the front..from the back of my mind...


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