Friday, January 27, 2012

Check It Out!!!

Check it out!! as we do this; or  local; were flying like Red Tails! 

Check it out!! just got back from Plutonian / Martian the mothership has landed on earth where these earthlings were affected by chemtrails! 

These are no happy trails...were acting like we knew this!! as we work things like Greg Schiano...going for what we know....but some are hoping a bruh fails like they hope Obama does..but he prevails...putting it down like this! 

Check it we go for what we a Facebook IPO.. we found the fuse as we light this!

The train wreck fascinated the onlookers...meanwhile the pain get rough for  the innocent bystanders hit in the drive by!! Costa Concordia survivors getting paid? who got played?...the bus? some were thrown under! 

Plus there was no where to run or hide; who dipped down I-85 in Atlanta in Toyota Highlanders with soccer balls on the back? others chilled in deep waters with shark and piranhas..who else is going under?

High winds of change blow across the waters; thunder and lightning provide background music! 

She's strange...but I like her!! that was the word from whatcha know? some didn't back down...but now they're ready to lose it!..

Check it out!! like Afghanistan...the drama doesn't quit and it doesn't stop!

Check it out!! whats up man?  Al Gore mentioned global warming; but was a cold day in Atlanta!! actually its a cold word; check how the temperature will drop!

Check it out!! whats the score? we span the globe brainstorming...who understands the good word and the funk dropped by these brothas?

Check it out!! as we come through the door..into the lights like aurora borealis...knowing what the deal is....after being caught out in the rain..where it was storming..waiting in the dark with others...

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