Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT. 7

I was feeling some kind of way about it!! something just ain't right ....that's word from Keith Sweat! 

What kind of play did armchair quarterbacks run? will they win, lose, draw, or even forfeit? 

They were no where close to being like Drew Brees...but they going all out for it with reckless abandon...using the scorched earth theory! 

They said its all this and that!! sounding like Republicans at the debate..but I had my doubts about it to me the outlook was bleary!

In hostile territories? that's business as usual!! from Iran to over in Syria and all points in between..check the mass hysteria..a crook was running things! 

Thought and fashion police were fronting..they enforced the laws!! plus gamblers were out for a fast buck...I'm just about done with things! 

Please!! I'm usually chilling with royalty; under the reign of kings and queens...but it seems some may have fell off!

Peeping game; Watch The Throne..what were some on? they either sell out or sail off! 

Old girl told some to watch their their tone!! she had to tell off or read somebody their rights! 

From the Philippines to New Orleans the drama will unfurl; some will lose privileges and rights! 

Check these clearance rack epiphanies...whats on my mind? these insights are dropped after I felt some kind of way about it!

Lights are shining; will those waiting in the dark move towards them? I doubt it!

We're shining...but not fronting...were feeling some kind of way about it...

We're shining...but still hunting and gathering...going way out for it...

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