Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Is For My Kinfolk and My Other Peeps

This is what it do..this is like the Iowa caucuses...I'm just trying to holla at my kinfolk and my peeps! 

Some wouldn't act like they knew the scholar and the gentleman; I heard the inside joke..things were stereotypical...they said I was cutting up like my other Demarcus....they played me like I was a brotha that creeps!

That's right to an extent cousin...who started this? I'm a revolutionary brotha that creeps up on the enemy! 

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! I never was the type who sleeps on an evil entity!

So whats the deally? checked in with my kinfolk and my peeps from Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg; spotted the Quandrantids meteor shower...while out on Pluto and Saturn! 

.....On over to Beijing in the Forbidden City...on over to Tripoli....Lagos, Nigeria and they really really struggle!!! especially folk that didn't merge with the apparatus; whatcha know?  the outcome is staggering! 

Word from President Goodluck Jonathan....whats up man? reality shows no pity..badgering all...even innocent bystanders...whose cashing reality checks?

Good luck with that son...accounts can be'll be all over with like 2012 in the Mayan Calender....what are we on? as society disrespects...

Those that call themselves swagging end up taking a loss at the end of the day! 

Some make comebacks like Donald Trump filing bankruptcy and starting all over again; now they're back in the way! 

Meanwhile the O-Dizzle sound will thump!! let the music play!! plus this good word goes with it! 

This is for my kinfolk and my peeps!! as a bruh acts like he knows it!

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