Thursday, January 5, 2012

Word From Mr. Cole....

So hows it going? the economy is bad...its a rat race; dog eat dog!

That was word from Mr Cole...R.I.P....a cool brotha from Newburg / Louisville; whats the deal? this good word is from O-Zone!! beats are provided by O-Dog! 

Just left the smoke and mirrors show...the fog; now check this captains log....back in the day I was like Captain Kirk rolling down Broadway in Louisville in the Starship Enterprise aka the Deuce and A Quarter...hogging the road!

Now down here in the ATL....spotted homies in the old school Buick Lesabre....dipping down I-20..where jackers control the interior and perimeter....still following the street code! 

.....Back with this!!! there was no where to run or hide so I'm in a discrete mode; meanwhile like Republican primaries I see superiority and inferiority complexes clash! 

I didn't know about some of these peeps...whats up y'all? now feeling the heat; they'll get fired like Paul Westphal...its like airlines in Europe paying an emissions warming karmic repercussions are heavy for those using the wrong method to chase the cash!

Word from Mr Cole!!! whats up y'all? how did some roll?  were they large and in charge? whose snitching on GPS is tracking them!! but check the steady bombardment; the percussions are heavy and samples are obscure! 

Word from Mr Cole!!! Gods will is heavy on some...whose macking? whose tricking? choose your poison as you come up with a cure! 

Out there in the smoke and mirrors show!! lines blur in the gray area; ground zero for the mass hysteria?

As we go there!! branches fell off the family tree..memories remain ...knowledge was gained from the knowing how it go!

As we go there!! whatcha know? Mr. Cole prepared me for what it do... said it's a rat eat Lou Ferrigno I didn't need to be a celebrity apprentice...

As we go there...trying to be at least half as cool as Mr. Cole...a fly Negro...but still revolutionary when I do this...

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