Tuesday, January 17, 2012


All up in the spot!!! unlike Newt Gingrich receiving standing ovations in South Carolina....I see dude in the Members Only jacket..naysayers were mocking the old school player!

Like Rev. Raphael Warnock going in on Newt I heard the mockingbird sing!!! while The Raven was saying nevermore!! word from Edgar Allen Poe!!  meanwhile at the baptist church for members only I heard the old school church deacon say an old school prayer!

Meanwhile we're rocking this thing...Transmitting Live....you heard? hitting like a Baltimore Raven...Ed Reed or Ray Lewis...as we do this! 

But haters were knocking this thing...this hustle..acting like sharks and piranhas....there was no where to run or hide...its just like they were mocking the old school player..they're being disrespectful!! just like Republicans taking shots at Romney...trying to act like they knew this!

As we go through this and that....its like this and like that...when were all up in the spot! 

Whose parking lot pimping?  I took a look around...I see they left you a spot! 

Big homie said its hot!!!  but now he's wishing it was a simple thing; after he was disrespected! 

The structure will rot!!! now it'll fall apart...the ship will sink like the Costa Concordia...whats up with ya? from the mainframe we disconnected! 

The atmosphere wasn't dynamic...even the dude that's corporate will bear witness to that fact...things were controlled by a fanatic...its business as usual! 

As we go there...dropping these mathematics..but like the old school player were disrespected..but that's not unusual!

We're disrespected...but a foul joker tried to front..acting like he knew a brotha...

Were disrespected when we give this forecast like Al Roker...whats going on in your neck of the woods? any respect in this hoods?...breakbeat science is dropped by this brotha...

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