Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Swag / Steelo

I had to laugh!! like Herman Cain endorsing Newt Gingrich ...but the deal was these jokers were sweating a brothas steelo! 

I had a staff or cast of thousands..damn!!! some were arrested like the ones at Murdoch's tabloid office..I heard some were in pain due to glitches in the matrix...heard Curtis Mayfield sing if there's a hell below were all gonna go...

I had the math; plus I had the swag!! supposedly considered a fly Negro! I had to chuckle when I heard it..

I had the math...based on chilling with an intergalactic staff.. Plutonians and back down to earth..couldn't find anybody to work with...

I had to laugh!! they were fascinated by the swag or steelo..sweating me like I was Tiger Woods..

Please!! I fly below the radar...especially after haters raise the things are tight in these hoods..

Some are physically and emotionally scarred..doing without the right goods and these revelations are disturbing! 

As we go for what we know!! paying the price..I was out on I-20 in Atlanta trying to swerve with this...."it ain't nothing nice" ...cashing reality checks is sobering! 

Through the ATL we roam...chilling down at the Georgia Dome; at The Honda Battle of Bands; afterwards...rolling through Vine City near the Bluff....jokers had rocks and powder...I hear the downtrodden crying for pity...soon after the intoxication or euphoria wears off! 

I even felt the some are going through they're own personal in rehabilitation  for a spell...stimulants? you swear them off!

Now they're going off!!  that's what they said about these brothas; they said check the swagger! 

Now they're going off!! that's what they said about these brothas!! but theres no satisfaction like Mick Jagger! 

...and The Rolling Stones...meanwhile in danger zones O-Jays Backstabber disciples rolled up with the dagger ready to conduct business! 

Some checked our swag or steelo!! they thought we were part of the corrupt business! 

....Knowing whats up..what the deal is!! we govern ourselves accordingly! 

Peeping the steelo; aware of where the boundary or border will be!

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