Saturday, January 21, 2012

Acting Brand New...But We Keep It Moving / We Had To Sacrifce

They were acting brand new it; cocky like Newt Gingrich...was it because 2011 is gone and we move on to 2012? please!!! good luck with that! 

Others were slacking; but that's what they do!!! so we know what to expect! 

Check out how we do!! but the thought and fashion police were running stings!! soon were disrespected by drama queens and kings! 

Check the mass hysteria like Islamists attacking in Nigeria..please!! hell was caught like Natalie Cole!! especially for those that roll with crime syndicates and rings. 

Some remember the time they fell in love like Michael Jackson!! but like the Pacific Northwest the weather was inclement; unsettled! 

Casualties were similar to when the Costa Concordia sank...during the train wreck bodies were dismembered!! it was like a TV reality show...during the wreckage spectators meddled!

Some were casual like Friday...some acted brand new with it!! but we question their motives! 

They damn you if you did or did it!! now were at the railroad crossing waiting...damn!!  the train had three locomotives!

Meanwhile like Rick Santorum..society will promote that or this one.. now they're acting brand new!

Questions answer themselves when rolling with these earthlings; I  was asking myself...damn!! where did the mothership land you? 

O-Dizzle is getting busy in the lab....its a new year..2012..we're moving forward with this Breakbeat Science thing..

...but we know we'll have to sacrifice..we're paying the price; dealing with these jokers acting brand new....but here we come!! lets get it on!! we drop this good word.. plus check out the funk we bring....

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