Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh!! So Its Like That Huh?

Taking a look at things...Oh!!! so its like this and so its like that? 

Faking it to make it like GOP candidates...what's up with this?  these sacred grounds are located at ground zero; that's where you found a Negro!! as we continue to fight that! 

Like Bill O'Brien at Penn State we bring the light back to those who were waiting in the dark! 

There was no where to run or we fight those that continue to hate..that's the reason for this movement!! we didn't destroy the house like Tiger Woods ex-wife...the structure is up in flames..fires we spark! 

O-Dog didn't bark up the wrong tree!!  boy!! he's all up in the house!! I told little homie on Candler Rd in Decatur yes yes y'all! 

In the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors I can understand where a hater is coming from; they'll try to stress y'all! 

Some will rise like Mitt Romney... the rest of ya' ll will fall!! now heard saying oh!! so its like that!  

Some will be surprised with y'all!! like Christians in Nigeria you were attacked..but you said no surrender and no defeat!!  they see that  you'll fight back!

Plots and schemes were devised when we dipped down I-85 to Charlotte..but we came right back to the ATL...not trying to fail..its all about winning...

Down streams of consciousness were floating...we were at rest like the Mars fighting until the games over...its all about winning...

Nightmares? were dreams lucid?  whose doing whats conducive? or are they sitting back saying....Oh!! So It's Like That Huh?

Might get caught out there like the LA arson suspect...check the moves that are made...some are like..Duh?

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