Tuesday, January 3, 2012

They Weren't Checking For Us...As Usual...

They weren't checking for me..playing me like Newt Gingrich in Iowa..but that could be a good thing!

Some were even disrespecting..trying to burn it up like that arsonist out in LA..whose introducing glitches in the matrix?..either they did or didn't know that this was a hood thing!

They didn't know I would bring these breakbeat scientific principles to the forefront! 

Others were just being fake with it...like Republicans in Iowa...what did they lie for?  when they came forth...they were trying to front!

I didn't have a stake in it; there was no future in their fronting per MC Breed! 

I just brought this Harvest for the World like Isley Brothers after I planted the seed!

True indeed...once again its on!! ignored the threats issued by jokers..just like Iran's...whats up man?  some weren't checking the steelo! 

True indeed...once again its on!! but I recognize the pattern; some aren't checking for a Negro!

As we go for what we know..still broke though..no Swiss bankers to hide any money for us.. 

As we go for what we know..we're still paying the price..but it's no joke out here..whats the deal with this? the reign began with a drizzle..now it's a meteor shower like Quadrantids..soon some will flip their lids..the healing process is needed..some are heard saying no peace...no justice...

Actually its no justice no peace...but that's business as usual...its getting tight in these hoods...

Please!! its easy to get caught up...otherwise jokers aren't checking for a brotha...until we make comebacks like Tiger Woods..

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