Sunday, February 12, 2023

HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Feb 12, 23

 Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we come through with this soul food per this Sunday afternoon meal!

Usually served after the Sunday Morning service, check out how we swerve with this, this is what's up / this is the real deal!

Oh yes, my people know the real deal per going through it / out here feeling some kind of way!! lights blink on the dashboard / instrument panel, I can understand another! in previous episodes while taking intergalactic journeys I was unable to control the mothership! 

Oh yes!! even scientists studied solar / soulful storms on the sun, check the timing,  unburnt eclipses? 

Lab techniques are utilized, are Scorpio moon-drawn wishes fulfilled? shady cards are dealt by gamblers out for a fast buck so access is denied! 

I'm not surprised, knowing the sport will go sideways as the apparatus updates it's status my constituents cried. 

Check us out, as so called authority is defied even though we're subject to it!! we're back with this soul, house music with jazz elements per this  HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Feb 12, 23 courtesy of beyond72!!

 Check out the playlist and the mix, you'll be able to relax and O-Dog Day Party to this celebrating life!! this is what's up / what it do!!


Carlos Mena - Subject (Casamena Backyard Re-work)

M-Power RSA - F--ken Deep

Danilo Braca, Troy Mobiuscollective - Oh My Lord (DJ Spinna Journey Mix) 

Jeremias Santiago - Heaven's Here RG meets FTL 

Jeremias Santiago - Take You There FTL remix

 Moon Rocket - Nostalgia (Instrumental Extended Mix) 

Don Raul, Black Motion - Rainbow (Dem Bossa Edit)

Sahib Muhammad, DJ Spen - U R The 1 (Dubstrumental Mix) 

Koze Kuse - (INST) DJ Merlon(feat Mondli Ngcobo (The Mark Lewis EDIT) 

Dj Punch - Mr Luther-Wait for Love (Dj Punch Baby Powder Mix) 

Aaron Matthews - Pure Love 

Brenda Russell - Way Back When (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)

 DJ Beloved, Reggie Steele, Feluke - Feluke 

Carlos Mena - Kem ft. Patti LaBelle & Ron Isley - Jesus (Casamena Basement Remix)

 Mark Grant, Russoul - There 4 Me (Soul Bounce Vocal)

 Namy feat Josh Milan-From Now On (DJ Spen and Ndinga Gaba Deeper Shades Of Love)


Timmy Regisford, Mikey Dance - Shining (Instrumental) 

Mr.Freddie Jackson, Dj Punch - You Are My Fine Lady (Baby Powder Love Mix)

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