Sunday, December 23, 2012

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.3

                  "scattered thoughts are collected"

Scattered thoughts are collected...yes sir!! they were on an unexpected journey;  like the Hobbit!

Check the electronic thoughts transfer..not regulated by the the Federal Reserve..or G8 and G20; playing around with the money...chilling after I bruised and battered auras are fortified knowing that criminals go through their rites and rituals; supported by the NRA? they will try to steal or rob it! 

....this is similar to epiphanies on the clearance rack...was security clearance given for that? Blogster fronted on a brotha!! the job can get messy like life is;  but we continue to do it! 

The Lord will bless me if I keep it righteous;  so I act like I knew it! 

As we go through it..the galaxies;  like Sutter's Mill meteorites; space shuttles, old school  Chevy Vegas or even a Yugo!

Drunk driving drinking Sutter Home wine in a Nissan Versa?   pursuits are not trivial!! vice versa!!  so what do you know? 

Funk were bringing from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Mars and all points in between! 

From the ATL to Charlotte / Mecklenburg...earthlings were tripped up on trivial matters; revealed when I was observing the scene! 

Check how I work things...I'm ready to roll..I'm on my way!!  scattered thoughts are collected!!  now the areas cleaned and disinfected like I was a custodian! 

Check how I work things..electronic thoughts transferred..selected at random..but battered by the machine!! disrespected!! they were flexing like the Syrian government...but check out how the planets aligned and once again its on!

Still battered by the Uranus Pluto Square...but we take it there!!  breakbeat scientific business is going down! 

Scattered thoughts are collected!!  check out the electronic thoughts now we go for what we know ...its going down!

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