Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Play Or Played On...

Its going down...not at Citigroup with the white collar job..this  work is put in blue collar style! 

Rocking the lumberjack shirt..with Levi jeans..funk in my genes like Snoop Lion...chopping the tree down; Paul Bunyan style! 

Whats up jack? bunions on my feet from rocking the steel toe shoes; no fashion statements made with Timberlands! 

No Jack Nicholson front row seat either!! the Lakers suck right now did others play?  thought and fashion police still hating in these Babylon wilderness lands!

 Play or get played on!! ignored the fakers... scientific /intergalactic with it....peeping game like NASA's Suomi NPP the mothership lands on earth

Play or get played on!! but some said "it ain't right" threatening to go off fiscal cliffs....some wonder what its all worth? 

Play or get played on!! check the funk I drop this Syria planning to drop Sarin I use this philosophy! 

Issues get prayed on..I still felt the pressure; whats it all worth? Papa Johns and Applebee's fronted on Pres. Obama;  whose victimized by the socio-economic policy? 

Society will try to test ya...but we proceed and continue; the style will be funky!!  O-Dizzle is that type of soul brother! 

Black Friday has come and gone...fires burned in Bangladesh factories making clothing for Wal-Mart and the US Marines..
...whats up with another?

This black man will play or be played on..just check out the clearance rack epiphanies that are still available! 

This black man will play or get played on...please!! that's after jumping and recognizing; in the danger zone? we're knowing how it will go!

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