Friday, December 21, 2012

The Hot Messenger Is Back

They said I was a hot mess like Randy Travis;  I told them to call me a hot messenger!

Not the definition of what Herb or Gus like Harry Styles? please!! O-Dizzle has various sonic assaults are unleashed;  but all about peace like Henry Kissinger! 

Well..I don't know..but whose missing the word on the curb? maybe Wall Street and the fiscal cliff...whats the deal with it? no justice no peace taught us what the real deal is! 

Heard the NRA response to Newtown...they blamed parents, the music and the media...lines are blurred out there!! all up in the smoke and mirrors; as some deal with the horrors and terrors they can feel this! 

What occurred?  whats the response? some act brand new as its going a new pair of Air Jordans out today...others didn't know..they never did the math! 

Word from this hot messenger?  like the fiscal cliff progress was deferred...were dealing with every obstacle possible!! haters even hid on the path!

 Hackers and jackers wreaked havoc on the road to Damascus! 

Like New England Compounding Center card stackers continue to handle business..not checking for us; now issues come up..questions they ask us! 

Just were back with this hot message; but jokers are hating on the messenger! 

Trying to attack us!! the arch nemesis was on the premises leaving calling cards;  another hot mess for us?

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