Monday, December 10, 2012

These New Type Gangsters Are Still Doing Business

Still dealing with these new type gangsters..even A123 was up for sale..they call themselves doing business...

Still chilling..others were in the Congo with M23...others not believing the hype per Public Enemy..go on with your bad selves!! jumping off fiscal cliffs due to no income tax for the rich or entitlements?..who knows what the deal is? 

Still chilling..on Glenwood Rd in Decatur flea marketeers had the so called sale on Jordan's #23....but not from the product was counterfeit..

Still dealing with these new type gangsters...caught the number 23 bus on Broadway up in Louisville back in the did some play? the markets are flooded with cheap goods and services..the stock market will deal with it..      

These jokers were real HSBC smoke filled rooms they plot and scheme; when will the heist be? 

Whats the deal? from shady stock brokers to slick news reporters like Stephen Colbert to politicians;  they were all shiesty!

Check the Nathan "Shady" Deal types like in Georgia..check out how the sport does; from the Gaza Strip to the ATL morticians clean up the aftermath! 

Recognize the these new type gangsters move;  easy to spot after you do the math!

Recognize the pattern...peep game; soon jumping to conclusions; seeing it was all hype after going down the wrong path! 

Recognize the pattern..whose sleep in the game? they're the type to run with the wrong staff! 

These New Type Gangsters had them coming and going!!  like G8 and G20 controlling the money! 

Not acting brand new!! hip to the hate..not letting these jokers run me!

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