Thursday, December 27, 2012

Still Out Here In The Smoke and Mirrors / Gray Area

Damn!! it's like the London Fog...its still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors / the gray area! 

Peace be unto you was the catch phrase for the Christmas holiday.. please!!  its a joke...check the situation that's  similar to we deal with the mass hysteria! 

Nothing is fair for ya in love or war...Harry Reid vs John Boehner?   ..check the aftermath...still more pain for ya...recognize the pattern! 

After doing the math? like Morsi in Egypt..soon jumping to the right conclusion; rebuking the confusion!!  your aura it was battering! 

Thoughts were scattering all over the galaxy like the AG5 Asteroid 2011; but they're collected like debts! 

...Unless one is spiritually or morally bankrupt / that's paranoid after the caper goes whats up with that?

 Whats the deally? some protest the Keystone XL pipeline. ..similar to O-Zone aka OMANXL1 fighting for whats up with that?

The saga / struggle continues...its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors....but there's no divorce from reality; Dr Phil will tell you to get over that! 

The saga / struggle continues...whats the deal with that? some were already influenced by the full moon in Cancer..soon spotted over in that gray area!

Vision blurred by the smoke and mirrors; soon succumbing to the horror and terror!

Fresh visions occurred due to the epiphanies..they'll appear on the clearance rack! 

Interventions and interdictions occurred because the apparatus didn't give us clearance for that!

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