Friday, December 28, 2012

Cool Like That!!

They thought they were cool like that per Digable Planets; like they have diplomatic immunity!

 ...planets align today per the Full Moon in Cancer...but who has the answers? just because they're caught up in the system / matrix they want to act brand new with me! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...I slipped back into the community undetected..I blended in the woodwork!

.... Didn't trip!!! understand a bruh?  I might ruffle feathers like Vladimir Putin!!  back on the scene again!! but knowing how the hood will work! 

Back on the scene again...a sword is carried...not disputing the truth;  check the good word and brand new funk..were cool like that!

Back on the scene again!! but like Republicans and the fiscal cliff jokers act a fool like that!

 Back on the scene again!! another one will try to rule like that!! per Morsi in Egypt! 

Beautiful or obscene? after more is seen....whats the deal with it?

Who will be real with that? materialistic during the holiday season! 

Some didn't feel that!! like in the Central African Republic they're going ballistic! blowing up!! hot during the exercise of the treason! 

Some were surprised by the reasoning; damn!!  they thought a joker was cool like that! 

The aura underwent seasoning by chefs in hells kitchen; now jokers will act a fool like that!

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