Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As We Proceed / A Portal Opened Up

As we proceed and continue; a portal opened up for us to slide through! 

Somebody said it was because of the 12/12/12 portal...but I'm knowing what the sport will do...went back to the source..up in the streets of Louisville? a brotha will ride through!

Capers are pulled..from petty crimes in the street to the Michigan right to work laws....society is full of flaws...whose down for the cause? please!! nobody will hide you!! check how snitching aka whistle blowing is the latest fashion! 

Capers are pulled by frick and frack; reminded me of Romney / Ryan...or maybe Morsi in Egypt..authorities tried to police the thought and fashion! 

Whats the deal with it? soon clashing with other so called Titans during power struggles; like in Mali...so whose ego tripping?

Meanwhile I'm cashing reality checks during these uphill struggles;  jokers say this Negro is tripping! 

Check the swag / steelo;  day tripping like the Beatles?  naw!! but I am paying attention!

Daggers will go in backs!!  that's how the street does!!  Wall Street to y'alls street..in any dimension! 

Swagger jackers interfere..I tried to be discrete when moving through these dimensions; sliding through these portals!

Hackers interfere with transmissions...plus the
offense was stagnant like the Knicks with Carmelo; but we know how the sport goes!

Slipping transmissions in the Cut Dog made us park!! Midnight Star said you can't do that on the dance floor! 

Dipping down Broadway in Louisville ...Transmitting Live..trying to advance we wanted more! 

They're tripping down here in Atlanta..its hard to advance!!  stuck behind the old Nissan Sentra on I-85! 

But were slipping and sliding through the portal; fusion centers process the info...but we survive!

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