Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Wasn't Fooling With Them

As we proceed and continue; some jokers were acting funny like the GOP during fiscal cliff  I wasn't fooling with them! 

True indeed the saga / struggle continues; so that means I'm not through schooling them! 

Class is in session as we keep approaching reality checkpoints per Logistics! 

Blasted on during the aggression like New York fireman;  some jokers were flexing like a North Korea missile launch; they said its the next big thing!!  holiday season just passed...what can brown do for you per UPS Logistics?

Logic after the statistics were studied? please!!  check the information overload! 

.....after doing the math; climate change meeting with staff /players ball convention ....geeks transformation to a drug overlord? 

Check the aftermath; get over it!!  Lord made us in his image I was told!

After thoughts were scattered but collected; now check how the story is told! 

This world is cold like Russia!!  please!!  I even felt the pressure!!  some were acting brand new again! 

Check this afterbirth after landing back on earth;  jokers try to test ya..but I wasn't fooling with them!

Whats it all worth? a brotha is schooling them..telling them its like this and like that..

Otherwise...I ignored the wise and otherwise...I wasn't fooling with them..."they ain't right with that"


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