Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trying To Get Over The Hump on Humpday Without Flipping Out

                        reason gave way to madness / folks are flippin out

Coming through the portal!!  rolling incognito!!  I'll use a cloak of invisibility..

"Knew how the sport would go"  per Ferguson / NYC chokeholds; word from this Veteran In The Game coming through the clouds of uncertainty..

CIA torture reports reveal how some are working; Who'll work with me on this one? they try to say this brotha is out of it!!!

"Hip to what occurs"  out here Dealing With The Madness!! I Usually try to stay out of it!!!

....As the line blurs in the gray area / check the scenario;  I Did The Knowledge; noticed others are out of it!

*Barbarism and Chaos*  *Total Chaos*  Reason Gave Way To Madness!! they're out of it!!!

Folks are Flippin Out!!  Trippin Out!! out of it!!! they're on shrooms.!! 

Intergalactic battles? I'm  slippin out of galaxies in escape pods!!  meanwhile the sound booms!!

Boom! Boom! is what it do!!! from the Sonic Assault? check the Steady Bombardment...

The O-Dog Podcast is The Mothership; check the connection!! funk is what we come with!!

O-Dog runs with O-Zone; alter-egos!! these Negroes are not playing with it!!!

We Can't Let Up!!!  we're trying to get over the hump on this Hump Day!! mentioned in previous episodes;  these brothas are staying with it!!

Check the thumping sound and what we're saying with it!! I told you we're Dealing With The Madness!

Some contribute to the confusion;  they're Flippin Out...Reason Gave Way To Madness....


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