Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bringing Something To The Table (This Is What We've Got To Give)

Bringing Something To The Table? oh yeah!! *This Is What We've  Got To Give*

Didn't believe the fable!! no need for an Interview with the sophomoric and lackluster comedy!!  now some were mad at me!! they ask me;  how am I trying to live?

*Everybody's not able*  old girl said!! drugged by Bill Cosby?  I looked around; bearing witness to that!!

Visualized The Sequence; found out what the cost will be!! now bringing Breakbeat Science; that "otha math"

Out There in the Mainstream Of Mathematics? I had the last laugh as  I bump heads with fanatics..

Worldwide!! from Jordanian planes shot down in Syria  to Pakistan what's up man?..that's where the static is...

From Ferguson to NYC; from Berkley in St. Louis County to Berkley California it's on ya when we're coming back with this!!  what? the funk!! Intergalactic like the previous episode..

...Hit you up with the old school from Herbie Hancock to Grover Washington in a previous episode..

DaVinci Code interpreted now a brotha will work with it!!!..This Is What We've Got To Give!!

Peeping game; how will a brotha work it? the system will cut you like Josh Smith, so how are you trying to live?

....As some act like they live large and in charge;  but some won't get in the hall of fame like The Smiths and N.W.A but isn't that the American way?

Truth be told? we won't just charge it to the game, it's over!! check out what we bring to the table!! even though  it looks like they're trying to sweat how a brotha play!!

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