Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Synchronization PT.8 (Interpreting Signs and Signals)

It's going down!!  things happen in front of me, apparently giving me signs and signals. 

It's going down!!  oh a devil will still front on me!! like Republicans vs the release of the CIA torture report; but I'm a veteran in the sport! I know what it do and what it does

Now I let the masses know what it do and what it does; that's due to the latest indications. 

There's a lot of helter / skelter due to police brutality from Ferguson to NYC;  but I look beyond it due to synchronization. 

Leaving the shelter; dipped from the safe haven / safe harbor; I've got work to do like the Isley Brothers!!  I've been out of sync for so long I don't know how to act. 

Things can blow up like Pearl Harbor per the anniversary that just passed!!  I don't know how to act. 

Somebody said my kind are an endangered species;  but Chris Rock cleared that up. 

He mentioned we would be protected by the law instead of being gaffled by the law;  that's what's up.  

Scattered thoughts are collected like debt after this holiday season;  that's what's up with this brotha. 

....Plus the Lord revealed things / instilled things;  I pass them on to another. 

Staying on one accord due to synchonization!! interpreting signs and signals!  a Brotha is trying to get it together. 

But I'm staying on point due to the season;  you can expect inclement weather.

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