Saturday, December 20, 2014

Collection Activities Have Escalated PT.8

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! now Scattered Thoughts are reloaded after collection activities in a different "hood"

Sonic Assaults are unleashed; a brotha moves like that!! check the transformation!! the cliche? it's all good!!!

Faults were accented by the demented like Sony vs North Korea concerning the Interview; what it do? This Good Word is dropped on ya!! but there are no information overloads!!

Not playing all my cards!! while hackers hack the mainframe I maintain passwords and entry codes...

Street codes respected due to Louisville / Newburg default settings!! I'm not part of the snitching pandemic...

Do The Knowledge!!  like Holmes told Watson it's all elementary /  academic...

...Out Here In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  take shelter from the storm!!!

So called perfect one?  scams? somebody's working one!! it's not the norm..

Over in Somalia?  ships fall for them!!  what? the fake distress signals..

Pirates jack ships full of Benzine similar to hood scenery when pushers get gaffled for their product!! told to give it up / let it go!!!

Visiting Dr. Zhivago in  Russia or Chicago?  some are baffled; what was in the syringe??

In some cities?  from the ATL to Chicago public schools are dropout factories!! students on a smoke binge?

No pity parties? damn!! failure is imminent!! whatcha know? a brotha gets scientific when he schools them!! collection activities have escalated!!

Street committees want no part of these!! some act dimwitted on blue ribbon panels!! any corrections for activities or actions? police brutality continues!! per Mall of America protests there's no rest!! we've been hated!!

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