Sunday, December 7, 2014

What It Do? What It Does? (Dropping This Good Word)

They ask me what it do? / what it does? so what's the Good Word?

They tried to play it like a Hood Thing; like I was over on Glenwood Road in Decatur!! they're asking me who has the Good Herb?

Please!! in the hood?  you can't pull that Cam Newton Superman stunt!! you'll get played like a Herb / Gus or Buster..

Where you at? what it is? who are you with? you can't act brand new son!! please! you'll be left out like the Big 12 out of college playoffs; like Bill Cosby around playboy bunnies who'll trust ya?

So what's the Good Word? the brotha O-Zone stays busy you heard?  we're about to put it down like this!!

He's got a whole sack full of the Good Word; dropping mathematics aka four / five / sixing it; these are weapons used in spiritual warfare! somebody has to fight this!!

The Brotha O-Zone will light this fuse;  similar to Ferguson / NYC Chokeholds being the straw that broke the camels back!! Boom Boom goes the explosion!!

Similar to ear shattering gunshots exploding during the firefight in Yemen during failed hostage rescues The Brotha O-Dog has that funk!! Boom Boom goes the 808!! as we fight the spiritual erosion..

Corrosion / residue on the battery was why the hooptie couldn't start!! damn!! a hater can't roll out!!

Due to miscues an emotional one tried to holla at me!! who me? please!! I can't fool with them!! like Charles Barkley they sold out!

Me and O-Dog go all out!! we work It All Out!! we're trying to see our way through the smoke and mirrors / the fog!!

What's Really Going On? that's per my other spot / also another scheme or plot is rebuked per the funky Podcast by O-Dog!!

O-Zone? this blog is like the Captain's Log; as I hit you up with the Good Word..

The Good Word? oh I had a whole sack full; the funk? a whole track full; you heard?


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