Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Don't Even Try It PT.3 (Word From A Veteran In The Game)

Terrible or Terrific Tuesday? what is today?  oh it's a great day but it's hard to celebrate!! some are still victimized by the flood..

Did The Knowledge , studied the scriptures: they say the enemy comes like a flood...

But that Good Word also said the Lord provides flood protection!! 
this Veteran knows what's good!!

The Lord is in the blessing business; I told a hater don't even try it!! the business wasn't like  Eddie Floyd Knock On Wood!!

You heard?  plus a brotha knows what's hood!! no apologies for it!! I'm like St Louis Rams players with the hands up don't shoot gesture!

You heard? check the deliberate falsehood!! who's acting false in the hood?  society damns a player if he does or don't!! a hater rocked the pants up don't loot gesture!!

Hustles are knocked; Babylon living can get the best of ya!! some flipped out!! they shoot the spot up like Myron May at Florida State!!

Hustles are knocked: this veteran knew how the game is played!! you can be undefeated and still get disrespected like Jameis Winston and Florida State.

The clock ticked but it's not too late!! So a brotha goes for what he knows; I prayed to the Lord; then I told a devil *don't even try it* as I bring the Sonic Assault..

I'm going for mine, easing my mind;  the good word and sound help me get retribution for the hell that's caught!!.

Thoughts were collected; gathered like Thanksgiving Day reunions and  dinners!! A Veteran In The Game!! experience taught me a lot of things!!

Unleashing the Sonic Assault!! down with the losers and winners!! check out the funk O-Dog brings!!

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