Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Outback Chronicles (The Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events)

It's going down!!  I was outback sitting on my deck reflecting for a minute. 

Soon running through the leaves playing kickball with my grandson!!  I forgot about an issue and how minuscule it can get. 

The system is running game!! it deceives the masses! Thoughts running through my mind?  I'm beyond SafeAuto minimum coverage I've got diplomatic immunity.

 Thoughts that were scattered are collected!!  but I'm no longer up in the spot I dipped back to the community.

 Some call it the hood;  oh!! I hear ear shattering gunshots exploding plus the police sirens. 

..Plus I spot chemtrails from Hartsfield Jackson Airport; who's fair in the sport?  Deliberate Falsehoods led to some of these  conditions!!  players were macking the daughter of chaos and other sirens. 

The sport isn't fair, it's complex!! so Swords of Truth in the midst of so many falsehoods swing at those that are conspiring. 

The sport isn't fair, it's complex!! truth be told? some of my peeps have college degrees and crazy student loans but nobody is hiring!! 

A brotha's so called arrogant and aloof persona conflicts with those acting false in the hood; channeled  per Iceberg Slim?

Who's fair with it?  please!!  it's rough out here!!  the meal "ain't nothin nice" it's a Coke and a Slim Jim! 

Who's fair with it?  what's the deal? please!!  it wasn't natural like these squirrels scurrying around outback!! they're out here trying to duck and dive. 

Giant birds swoop down for a meal while I was out here trying to chill;  the food chain is all the way live. 

My grandson is part of the chain of command,  and the upcoming chain of events will school him. 

Meanwhile I'm outback chilling staying in my lane man!! one who circumvents?  I didn't fool with them.

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