Saturday, December 6, 2014

What It Do? What It Does? Somebody Might Feel Me!!

Somebody wanted to know;  what it do? they ask me what it does? 

What's up with The Sonic Assault?  what's up with these Random Thoughts? why do I do this? I told them I'm down for the cause!!

They want to know why; I told them because!! like SEALS trying to make rescues in Yemen  It's Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position!!

O-Zone is Droppin Knowledge after the Nathan Shady Deals; O-Dog is dropping the brand new funk!! that's these brothas mission!!

Feeding the malnutrition with soul food!! O-Dog is the chef up in soul's kitchen..

Suddenly and Deliberately Attack is our response!! due to the so called broken windows policy we're dealing with a foul situation.

What you facing? they've got us coming and going from Ferguson to NYC chokeholds;  but per Willie Hutch these Brothas Gonna Work It Out!!

O-Dog will get the machine set;  the mixmaster turned on the tape!! Now We Work It All Out!!

O-Zone? Putting the Good Word Out!! Droppin Knowledge!! per aliens in far off galaxies this is how the sound is supposed to be!!!

Check it out!!! knowing that it's only the devil whose opposed to me!!

Like the NBA vs Jason Kidd!! I'm not playing kid!! this thing is serious!!

As serious as your life is per Four Tet and JayDee; somebody might feel me!! knowing what the deal is!!

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